Methodologies and developments for successful advertising

This course provides an introduction to advertising effectiveness research from the simplest studies to multimedia, including guidelines and tips for best practice, all in the context of the changing world of advertising and evaluation.

Aims and objectives

This course is designed to enable delegates to:

  • understand how to carry out great advertising effectiveness research
  • understand the basics of simple studies
  • understand more advanced areas, eg measuring multimedia campaigns
  • understand how to manage different ad effectiveness research stakeholders, eg planners, media agencies, clients, IPA paper authors and research agencies

Speakers will provide expert perspectives - backgrounds include client, ad agency and research agency, providing a 360-degree view that aims to enlighten and bring fresh thinking to all users of this research genre.

Learning outcomes

  • What an ad effectiveness tracker is - and when and why it's done
  • How to use an ad effectiveness tracker and what it produces - methodologies, measures, outputs
  • The pitfalls of using the tracker
  • Tips and best practice on how to do great ad effectiveness research
  • Making use of new trends and developments
  • Writing a model for your favourite ad                                                             
Who will benefit?

This course will benefit anyone responsible for understanding the success of advertising campaigns. This is likely to include advertising managers, client-side researchers, planners from media/creative agencies and anyone working in advertising research at a research agency.


“Great overview and open group to understand evaluation from a variety of external speakers.”

Genevieve Braine, Tesco Customer Insight Team

27 September 2016

“I felt that I got a lot out of the day .”

Stefan Bocos, Exterion Media (UK) Media

27 September 2016

“Interactive, covers all basics and introduces some new thinking.”

Marina Felippe, BBC Audiences

27 September 2016

“Very good, really enjoyed it.”

Steven Chamberlain, Sky

27 September 2016

“Practical, current, efficient.”

Pamela Gelie, Chartis Insurance

30 October 2012


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