Core skills in team work and communication, resulting in effective and cohesive units.

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  • Context/Background

Researchers often have to lead or create informal or formal teams with people from outside their normal sphere of influence. These teams can be made up of people you are familiar with, colleagues you have not met from different parts of the company or even different parts of the world, with different cultures and norms.

The challenge is coordinating the new group into an effective cohesive unit as quickly as possible, establishing common goals, rules and etiquette for interacting with each other. You may have to lead one of these teams or influence from within.

This course is designed specifically for researchers to provide the skills, knowledge and tools to work effectively in a team in order to achieve a successful and timely outcome.

Who would benefit?

This course would be suitable for researchers in all environments who are required to run projects with different groups and teams.

  • Help delegates manage and work with teams that settle in quickly and operate efficiently
  • Identify communication styles and behaviours and how to counteract negative communication to ensure positive interactions and move projects forward in a timely manner
  • Create clear goals and guidelines for the team in a positive manner
  • Understand the dynamics of a team and the stages they go through in order to become effective
Learning outcomes
  • Communication behaviour:
    • Communication is a combination of many things from verbal and physical through to technological; we look at when and how to use all mediums to the best advantage
  • Stakeholder Management:
    • Identifying, profiling and engaging stakeholders
  • Team dynamics:
    • The stages of team development and the roles that form the ideal functioning team
  • Negotiation skills:
    • Reaching agreement without argument or dispute
  • Managing Conflict:
    • Understanding that conflict is inevitable when working with others and how to resolve it and make it work for you
  • Managing Resistance:
    • Overcoming resistance to ensure a successful project is delivered on time

Delegates are asked to bring any practical examples of projects involving new teams – either past or in the future.

  • Members £325.00 + VAT
  • Non-members £475.00 + VAT
  • Company Partner (non-ticket price) £325.00 + VAT

“Very informative.”

Thomas Folque, MARITZCX

27 June 2016

“Useful course, bring self awareness.”

Tesco Plc (head offce)

27 June 2016


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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