Understand visual storytelling and create tailor-made data infographics

Visual storytelling is one of the hottest trends in research and insight; partly because we live in an information-loaded era, and partly because clients and consumers want information that is high impact, easy to understand and easy to share.

Each delegate must sign up for, download, and install Adobe Photoshop. The free version will be free for a limited time only. Please read the website terms regarding the free and paid versions before downloading and installing the software.

In our day-to-day lives as researchers, we don’t often have the opportunity to be creative or artistic with our data. But following the movement towards visuals and ‘data storytelling’ this workshop demonstrates how to think creatively about data and even be playful with findings and communications through high-spec visuals.

The workshop provides everything you need to know about insight visualisation, including the process of going from raw data to visualisations and the top ten things that work well. Through hands-on Photoshop training, you will use your own data to create a digital infographic relevant to your topic of choice or your work. It’s a day of learning-by-doing, with a good mix of hands-on training, examples and theory.

Delegates will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop on the day to make their infographic designs come to life using digital graphics. The facilitators will not be teaching any other software systems for visualisation.

Learning outcomes

  • The Top 10 elements that work well with visualisations
  • The A.I.M. approach: leveraging your understanding of audience and impact to inform the visualisation medium
  • Best practices and processes to go from a set of stats to an infographic
  • Design principles to build your skills in creatively presenting your data/message
  • What works, and why, in producing high impact, informative and shareable infographic design
  • An introduction to Photoshop that will sharpen your visual presentation toolkit – leaving with a digital infographic developed by you with the support of expert facilitators

Trainer Biography

Paul McGhie is a Creative Director of marketing business Leading Thought (based in London but working globally). My work in this area is focused on collaborating with my clients to bring business ideas to life through compelling visual solutions and messaging. I have produced marketing materials spanning, but not limited to, print advertising, infographics, social media campaigns, video and more.

"Inspiring and practical!"

Alena Weaver - Accelerator, July 2021

Additional Information

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