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Game-based research methods, including Gamification and more fully-fledged Games for research, are being increasingly used in the market research industry to increase participant engagement, with proven benefits such as enhanced data quality and response rates.

But what is it about games that create those much-needed levels of intrinsic motivation and engagement that lead to better responses and even more creativity and collaboration from respondents? And how can researchers start designing their own game-based research for any kind of project?

Betty Adamou is a global expert in game-based research methods and uses her in-depth knowledge to deliver the workshop in a fashion that is digestible, actionable and provides the concrete foundations to build further knowledge. It includes Betty's game "20 for 20" where researchers will be designing their own game-based survey on the day to a project brief.

Aims and Objectives

This course enables you to:

  • understand what Gamification (and more fully-fledged Games) is all about
  • understand how it has already been used in market research and across other industries (examples include healthcare, education and others)
  • understand how Gamification can work in market research – with a mainly online focus
  • feel creative and confident enough to apply Gamification to your own projects back in the workplace in a way that will increase response rates and improve respondent engagement
  • Understand how, using game mechanics and game elements, you can increase motivation to promote engagement and collaboration
  • Recognise best practice and the common pitfalls to avoid
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • fully understand what Gamification is and understand how it’s been used across many industries
  • apply Gamification to your own projects back in the workplace
  • understand how Gamification in market research can be used in the future, especially with emerging technological developments such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headsets
  • understand the limitations of Gamification, and know what to ‘watch out’ for
  • confidently share Gamification techniques with colleagues
Who will benefit?

Research practitioners and academics seeking to increase engagement, response rates and data quality through a more immersive and enjoyable research experience that can create in-context emotional responses from research participants. Typical delegates might include panel suppliers, clientside researchers, market research agencies and those in marketing and insight management.

“It was very interesting and refreshing to explore a completely new approach to market research methodology.”

Jenny Chambers, Nottingham Trent University
24 February 2016

“A ususeful introduction to the concept of gamification.”

Milo Warby, Super Awesome Ltd
24 February 2016

“Innovative and interesting.”
Angela Perrott, Cognisant Research
24 February 2016


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