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Terms and Conditions of Membership

MRS Membership Terms and Conditions, together with the MRS Code of Conduct will govern your membership with us.

1. Application for Membership
1.1 There shall be three categories of individual membership which, subject to any other name the Main Board from time to time shall resolve, shall be known as Nominated Members (Honorary Fellows, Honorary Members and Fellows); Certified Members; and Members.
1.2 Members must satisfy MRS prescribed membership criteria, as detailed on the MRS website
1.3 Membership is personal, non-transferrable, non-transmissible.
2. Constitutional Rights of Membership
2.1 All Members may exercise the right to vote at a General Meeting.
2.2 All Members are bound by the Articles and all further Bye-laws, Regulations and terms of reference of MRS from time to time in force, including (without limitation) the MRS Code of Conduct applicable to all members of MRS.
2.3 Membership entitles the use of Designatory Letters as recognition of the Membership Grade attained by the Member. The applicable Designatory Letters are as follows: Honorary Fellows (Hon FMRS); Honorary Members (Hon MMRS); Fellows (FMRS); Certified Members (CMRS); and Members (MMRS).
3. Membership Term
3.1 MRS Membership is annual and is valid for twelve consecutive months from the 1st day of the month of joining.
4. Membership Fees
4.1 Membership of MRS and access to Membership Services shall be conditional upon the payment of the subscription fee where appropriate. MRS retains the right to charge additional fees where Members have failed to renew their Membership before the end of their Membership year (the "Renewal Date").
5. Renewal Period
5.1 If any subscription payable by the Member to MRS is not paid by the Renewal Date, the Member will be served with notice allowing the Member 28 days to make the necessary payment (the "Renewal Period").
5.2 During the Renewal Period, Members continue to receive member benefits and they will continue to be subject to the MRS Code of Conduct.
5.3 If at the end of the Renewal Period, sums payable by the Member to MRS remain outstanding that Membership will be Suspended. MRS will withdraw or suspend access to Member Services and constitutional rights.
5.4 If after 90 days from the Renewal Date, sums payable by the Member to MRS remain outstanding that Membership will Lapse; that Member will become an Ex-Member and all access to Member Services and constitutional rights will cease.
5.5 Ex-Members wishing to regain MRS member status are required to re–apply. This includes paying the joining fee and annual subscription fee. Re-applicants will have to fulfil the current criteria for the grade at which they are re-applying. On occasion Ex-Members may find that they are no longer eligible for their previous membership grade due to changes in criteria overtime.
5.6 Ex-Members and non-members may participate in Regional Activities as 'non-members'; this will however be at the discretion of MRS or the relevant region.
6. Right to cancel Membership
6.1 Members shall have a right to cancel their membership within 14 working days of making payment and MRS despatching the receipt of subscription payment. No refunds will be issued after this time.
7. Membership Termination
7.1 A Member shall cease to be a Member:
  a. if a subscription due from the relevant Member remains unpaid 90 days after the date of a notice in writing by MRS that such subscription is due and the Main Board resolves that such membership be terminated (provided that the Main Board may re-admit any such Member upon such terms as it considers appropriate).
  b. if the relevant Member is expelled as a Member having been found guilty of any breach of any Code of Conduct or other Regulations made or adopted by (or under authority of) the Main Board from time to time, such expulsion being effected in accordance with the Articles and any Bye-laws and Regulations adopted in accordance with the Articles from time to time relating to disciplinary and associated matters.
  c. on the expiry of 28 days notice to the MRS of his or her resignation as a Member. In cases of resignation, no refunds for the remaining term of memberships will be paid.
7.2 If a Member is subject to an ongoing disciplinary procedure any resignation from membership or other cessation of membership may be deemed not to be effective for the purpose of the procedure, so that in the discretion of the Main Board MRS may complete the procedure as if the Member retained their membership to the end of the procedure.
8. Membership Rejection
8.1 An application for Membership or for transfer from one grade of Membership to another shall be determined by the Main Board which may in its absolute discretion decline to accept an applicant as a Member.
9. Intellectual Property Rights
9.1 All Intellectual Property which exists in the Materials provided to Members as part of the Member Services are owned by MRS and/or its content providers.
9.2 The Member shall not:
  a. licence, sell, rent, lease, transfer, assign or otherwise commercially exploit passwords provided to the Member by MRS; or
  b. licence, sell, rent, lease, transfer, assign or otherwise commercially exploit or otherwise make the Services available to any third party.
10. Variation
10.1 At its absolute discretion, MRS may at any time alter, amend, change, modify or withdraw any of the membership benefits that comprise the Membership offering.
11. Data Protection
11.1 MRS will not share your personal membership data with third parties for marketing purposes. In order to administer your membership effectively, MRS may share your data with data processor suppliers who adhere to our strict data security policy.
11.2 MRS processes the information provided by members and applicants for membership to enable it to carry out its activities in accordance with its objectives and for its administrative purposes.
11.3 As a regulator and professional body, it is within MRS' legitimate interests to verify the membership status of an individual upon receipt of a query from a third party, including the grade and period of that membership. Other information such as contact details are not disclosed.
11.4 MRS will send you regular emails to inform you about your membership, membership benefits, MRS activities and MRS News, of which you will be given the opportunity to 'Opt Out' from.
11.5 All MRS Members will receive email correspondence in relation to their membership status, membership renewal and MRS Governance matters.