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Many people make the mistake of thinking that leadership is something that only very senior people have to consider. In fact, leadership is a key skill that every manager needs to master.

This course helps learners to develop their leadership skills and use them to provide direction for their team.

Leadership Skills enables learners to:

  • Think about what it means to be a manager in your profession
  • Understand the three levels of management and apply them in practice
  • Recognise the main leadership styles and judge which approach to take in different situations
  • Differentiate between goals and objectives and understand how they relate to one another
  • Translate the goals of the company as a whole into individual "SMART" objectives
  • Use ongoing performance criteria to manage their team more effectively
Target audience

This course is designed to appeal to both those that manage others or who wish to develop management skills as part of their personal and professional development.

Those who are new to management or are preparing to take on a management role will find that this course provides an understanding of the leadership skills they will need to progress and how to develop them.
More experienced or senior managers will value the opportunity to spend time refreshing or developing their leadership skills.

Learning outcomes


  • What is management?
  • What are the three levels of management?
  • Who is a manager?
  • How does management work in real life?


  • What is leadership?
  • What are the main leadership styles?
  • What makes an effective leader?
  • How can leadership styles help me?

Goal translation

  • What is goal translation?
  • Why do we need goal translation?
  • What are mission statements?
  • What are goals and objectives?
  • How do we write good objectives?

Ongoing performance criteria

  • What are ongoing performance criteria?
  • What are accountabilities?
  • What are standards?
  • What are competencies?
  • What are personal development plans?
Flexible learning

Learners take their own route through the topics covered in the course. They will learn at their own pace through a variety of activities designed to accommodate a range of learning styles.


3 hours

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