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With 30 years' unrivaled experience across food, drink, household care, personal care and beyond, we partner with the World's leading FMCG brand owners to drive deeper emotional connections across pack and product. We design qualitative and quantitative solutions that address business issues, fuelling the creativity that creates brands people love.

Our heartland is the interface between brand, pack and product, unlocking the power of the human senses to create more engaging propositions.

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Senior Contacts

Sandeep Budhiraja (Director India)
Maria Da Serra (Director South Africa)
Ben Fathers (Managing Director, Ideal Insight)
Luisa Gibbons (Director, Cubo Innovation)
Joe Goyder (Managing Director, Huxly Global)
Louisa Griffiths (Director)
Judith Henderson (Managing Director EMEA)
Ian Horritt (Managing Director USA)
Mat Lintern (Global CEO)
Mark Sismey (Managing Director China)
David Thomson (Chairman)

Breakdown of Personnel

Admin/Support staff: 11
Executive/Research staff: 132
Non-research: 50
Field managers/supervisors: 2
Spec writers: 2
Total Number of Employees: 101 to 500


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Why Brands Must Follow The Kraken


To win against disruption, brands must rebalance ‘content’ and ‘purpose’ with more profound product experiences that appeal directly to the human senses.

Change has never been off the agenda, but recent activity feels like we’re heading for a tipping point. People are now wise to marketing tactics. A recent MMR survey revealed that 80% of global consumers agree ‘brands are only more expensive because of marketing costs’. Meanwhile, our love affair with retailer brands seems unstoppable. In the U.K, only 18% strongly agree that their ‘favourite products tend to be brands.’  Across the world, ¾ people expect to increase the number of ‘retailer brand equivalents’ they buy.

With such pressure, brand teams have never been so energetic. Hot on the heels of reformulation, it’s now about innovating faster (being more agile) and prioritising brand purpose with ‘meaningful’ dialog across social media.

But some of these measures carry health warnings. Renowned commentator Mark Ritson asserts that ‘the belief that Millennials are looking for more than just a brand… is leading brand managers past the functional benefits and emotional advantages’ of the actual product. Keith Weed, Unilever Chief Communications Officer, warns that relying on social media for brand communications can only end in serious fragmentation of equities.

And yet despite the hoo-ha, there are some brands that just get it right. Connecting with people at a more profound level, offering brand experiences that are greater than the sum of their parts – relying on much more than digital ‘content’ - and all the more credible for it. 


Take ‘The Kraken’.  A relatively new brand in the spirits category that emerged as a superlative performer in a recent MMR study spanning premium brands. People quite literally fall in love with the brand idea, about a mysterious sea creature that lives in the dark corners of the ocean. Emotional connections are augmented by The Kraken’s meaningfully distinctive sensory execution. The bottle looks like it has been dredged from the seabed. The mysterious dark liquid evokes the light starved depths where this mythical creature lives.

The Kraken’s masterstroke is the way its sensory execution perfectly reflects the brand idea - and in so doing, the deeper connections the brand achieves versus the competition.  People’s engagement with the dark liquid runs deeper because of the seamless connection with the brand story. Paler shades of rum would have destroyed all the mystique.

The opportunity for brands today is to get serious about aligning their sensory profiles – the pack and the product - to the brand idea. If we are to collectively change the high failure rate to new product launches (and the huge number of ‘Zombies’ that bump along the bottom), we’ve got to start working to unlock the sensory power from tangible brand assets. We’ve got to touch more of the human senses to create ‘stickier moments’ at each and everymoment of truth. This is about making brands more convincing at a nonconscious level. Safeguarding brand credibility to keep the people on side against the tidal wave of ‘good enough’ competitors.

At this point in time, the competitive advantage offered by sensory branding is there for the taking - because examples like The Kraken are most definitely the exception, not the rule. To this end, ‘sensory’ can no longer remain the domain of people in white coats. It has to break out and become the framework for progressive brand managers serious about addressing the current imbalance of marketing energy.

Think about sensory branding as your golden thread towards greater brand conviction: increasing the power of non-conscious communication to signal your integrity. Product evaluation should now centre on the 'fit' with emotional and functional expectations set by brand positioning and packaging before it.  

Over the coming weeks, I aim to share more examples of great sensory branding for you. These will be curated on the basis that there is something going on beyond liking. 


Source: Andrew Wardlaw

'Fast becoming one of my favorite agencies to work with' - INSIGHT MANAGER, Diageo


'Working with a world-class organisation such as MMR has allowed us to develop a top-notch descriptive [sensory] panel that operated with flawless execution' - SENIOR SENSORY EVALUATOR, Boots 


'Thank you for the [consumer] workshops tonight. They went brilliantly. The recruitment was fantastic - I've never seen such great participants!! The sessions flowed really well and we got the depth we really needed' - SENIOR INSIGHT MANAGER - EUROPEAN INNOVATION, Kellogg's


'I feel they care, and that's what sets MMR apart' - SENSORY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE TEAM, Campbells 

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