Inclusivity isn't just who you hire, it's how you keep them

The focus of diversity and inclusion programmes is often on hiring a more diverse workforce: initiatives such as promoting the industry to, and hiring graduates from, a wider range of universities, or creating non-graduate entry-level jobs can make a diff


Workplace discrimination: What can you do?

If you’ve been working from home for the last year or so, you may now be yearning for office life. For many of us, time at work – whether in real life or online - can offer a refreshing change from time at home: somewhere to socialise with colleagues, hav


The class ceiling: better representation of working-class people in market research

If market research is to be truly diverse and inclusive, we need to look at every form of discrimination and inequity and think about how it plays out in our industry. Often, the first step towards change is to understand the status quo, starting by gathe


MRS Unlimited: striving for barrier-free inclusivity

One of the most shocking statistics in the recent MRS Diversity, Inclusion and Equality (DI&E) survey was that only 9% of people from a minority ethnic background believed that they have the same opportunities as everybody else in the market industry, an


What can we do to increase inclusion? Ten key takeaways from the most diverse MRS conference ever

The recent MRS conference, Impact 2021, was the most diverse and inclusive ever, both in terms of the amount of content around diversity, inclusion and equality (DI&E), and the profile of the speakers who took part.


What is it really like to be a minority researcher?

A fictional diary of a researcher who is a member of a number of minoritised groups - to help us understand the issues from her perspective.

New OUTsights podcast

The OUTsights hosts talk to some of the founders of the Colour of Research (CORe) network and the Football Association. MRSpride Stars: Mon Kowaczyk Ipsos MORI Pride Co-Chair Mon shares their hopes for a future-fit research world that is fully inclusive of marginalised voices.


View a full recording of MRSpride’s first trans insight summit, with contributions from Mermaids and Channel for amongst other.

Inclusion Pledge Panel

Research sector leaders discuss their progress since signing the MRS Inclusion Pledge, including Amy Cashman (Kantar), Ben Page (Ipsos MORI), Steve Phillips (Zappi), Bob Qureshi (i-view Studios) and Warren Saunders (GfK).

IJMR lecture: Covid-19 and race: protecting data or saving lives?

The principal argument put forward in this IJMR lecture, delivered June 2020 by Richard Webber and Trevor Phillips, is that the interests of Britain’s ethnic minority population are no longer being served by many of the restrictions that apply to the collection and analysis of data relating to race. IJMR is the International Journal of Market Research, published by MRS.

Watch the lecture: Covid-19 and race: protecting data or saving lives?

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