MRS and AQR have been developing a Recruiter Accreditation Scheme to raise the profile and status of recruiters, by devising a training and accreditation scheme that will recognise the knowledge, skills and competence of professional recruiters.

We have created this page to bring together all the relevant information so that you and your colleagues can keep up-to-date with this project. Following recruiter consultation meetings AQR and MRS have been busy throughout developing materials with the aim of launching the Scheme in 2018. In order to ensure we are on track we would welcome your feedback on the draft materials which have been developed so far.

Data protection training webinars

As part of the scheme, and to prepare recruiters for the new data protection and privacy legislative changes, with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new Data Protection Act 2018, MRS has prepared some supplementary GDPR training webinars focusing on recruiter activities. 

The seven short GDPR webinars are free to download by clicking the links below.  If you are unfamiliar with the topic we suggest you listen to each of the webinars in sequence.

Webinar 1: General Introduction to Data Protection Legislation
Webinar 2: Key Data Protection Definitions
Webinar 3: Grounds for Data Processing
Webinar 4: Data Protection Principles and Key Concepts
Webinar 5: Rights of Data Subjects and Research Participants
Webinar 6: What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Webinar 7: What to do Next – Some Practical Steps

About the recruiter accreditation scheme

The webinar below sets out why the scheme has been developed and how it will be implemented.

Training materials

The content for four training modules have been developed by MRS and AQR:

One additional module covering new and emerging recruitment techniques is under development. The content of the modules is being translated into online interactive training courses.

In addition to the training modules, a toolkit of templates and useful documents is also being prepared. The proposed content of the NEW toolkit includes:

  • Social grade summary
  • Glossary of terms
  • Useful organisations website links
  • Best practice
  •     - MRS Code and relevant guidelines
  •     - Exclusions – occupations, allergies
  •     - Passwords/encryption
  •     - Data transfer systems
  •     - Contracts checklist
  • Checklists 
  •     - Client list work procedures
  •     - Required consents – e.g. filming
  •     - Privacy notices
  •     - Incentive permission
  •     - Responsible adult permission for children’s research
  • Templates
  •     - NDAs
  •     - Signature sheets
  •     - Profile sheets
  •     - Confirmation of research sessions
  •     - Product testing waivers
  • FAQs

If you have any suggestions for additional toolkit materials, or the scheme in general, please contact MRS. All feedback should be sent to:

Compliance framework

During the consultation there were many questions about how the compliance requirements are going to work. A Compliance Framework Handbook has been developed detailing how this element of the Scheme will operate.


The administration which will underpin the Scheme has also been developed and is detailed in the Administration Handbook.

Best practice guidance

Two guidelines have been developed, and feedback was gathered on these during 2016:

Qualitative Recruitment: MRS Guidelines for MRS Company Partners

Qualitative Recruitment: Legal Requirements and Best Practice Guidance for Recruiters

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