MRS and AQR have developed the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) to raise the profile and status of recruiters, by devising a training and accreditation scheme that will recognise the knowledge, skills and competence of professional recruiters.

Training modules

A RAS website provides training materials for use by recruiters and those responsible for the training of recruiters.

The five RAS modules are:

  • Introduction to Qualitative Market and Social Research
  • Traditional Recruitment Methods for Qualitative Research
  • New and Emerging Recruitment Techniques
  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • Project Management

The online training modules include webinars, training pages and online quizzes. Supporting the training materials is a Recruiter Toolkit which includes data protection templates, MRS guidelines, a RAS glossary plus some general recruiter resources.

You can access all the materials on the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme website here.


About the scheme

The overall aim of the scheme is to improve the quality of qualitative recruitment by all parties throughout the qualitative recruitment supply-chain:

  • For recruiters and recruitment organisations the accreditation will provide professional recognition and build professional status.  
  • For those that commission qualitative recruitment to raise awareness of the problems of poor recruitment commissioning and improve overall standards, including the need for more realistic recruitment quotas, timescales, etc.
  • For buyers access to a pool of professionally recognised accredited recruiters to enable positive purchase discrimination.  

The success of the Scheme will ultimately depend upon buyers making the positive choice to buy quality recruitment from recognised accredited recruiters and recruitment organisation, as this will drive demand for recruiters to seek accreditation.

The next phase of the project is the creation and launch of the online qualification, the introduction of which will enable recruiters to become accredited.  This phase is now the focus of activity by AQR and MRS.  The intention is to launch the accreditation by the end of 2019 with a launch event in London.  More details about this will be issued to you once the accreditation process is complete.

The webinar below sets out why the scheme has been developed and how it will be implemented.


If you have any suggestions for additional toolkit materials, or the scheme in general, please contact MRS. All feedback should be sent to:

Compliance framework

During the consultation there were many questions about how the compliance requirements are going to work. A Compliance Framework Handbook has been developed detailing how this element of the Scheme will operate.


The administration which will underpin the Scheme has also been developed and is detailed in the Administration Handbook.

Best practice guidance

Two guidelines have been developed, and feedback was gathered on these during 2016:

Qualitative Recruitment: MRS Guidelines for MRS Company Partners

Qualitative Recruitment: Legal Requirements and Best Practice Guidance for Recruiters

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