Practitioners must think harder than usual about the ethical principles they enshrine in the application and development of AI. In the MRS Code of Conduct these can be summarised as: legal, transparent, considered and trustworthy. These are set out in detail below.

MRS has produced this DRAFT guidance to help practitioners act legally and ethically when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI related technologies.

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The intention is that this document will be updated and enhanced regularly to keep abreast of this rapidly evolving policy area, particularly as regulatory frameworks develop.  

MRS has referred to other AI ethics frameworks in compiling this guidance to ensure that the MRS approach is compatible with other business, legal and societal frameworks.

This guidance apples to all MRS members and MRS Company Partners and should be read in conjunction with the MRS Code of Conduct.

Download the full Guidance on using AI and related technologies. 

MRS Standards Guidance on using AI and related technologies

 Watch Debrah Harding, Managing Director at MRS discuss ethical use of AI at the MRS Data Driven Insights conference on 19 October 2023:

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