All subscribers to Impact magazine - members and non-members - need to update their preferred mailing address to a HOME address before 1 April 2020. If they do not do this they may not receive their print copy of Impact magazine in April.

With a large proportion of the workforce working from home this will ensure subscribers receive their copy, and avoid wastage as a result of delivery to an empty office. 

A digital version will be available for all subscribers

Everyone will receive a digital copy regardless of their preferences. So you do not need to do anything if you don’t want a print edition of Impact magazine in April.

Instructions for changing your preferred mailing address

Even if you have always used your home address as a business address (for example sole traders / consultants) you will still need to check that the following mailing preferences are in place.

If you do not have an MRS web account you must first create one before proceeding. 

If you have an MRS web account sign in and follow these instructions.

> Sign in to your account

> Go to 'Settings' in the top bar

>Go to 'Addresses' and make sure you have created a 'Home' address

> Tick the box next to your Home address that says ‘Preferred Mailing Address’ (NB. NOT ‘shipping’)


MRS will not send magazines to any addresses marked as ‘Business’.

 Make sure you save all your changes by clicking SAVE at the bottom of the page.

If you have any queries or need help please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

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