Research findings have been announced from a new MRS industry report.

According to our survey, women account for 59% of those employed full-time in the research sector. At senior management grades this figure is 49%, indicating a better performance for women at senior management than other creative or marketing services sectors. It is disappointing however that only 33% of women in our sample reach senior management compared to 50% of men.

27% of the men working full-time earn £70,000 or more. However, this fell to 17% for women. The survey showed 14% of those employed full-time in the research sector identified as BAME. While at senior management levels this demographic made up 11%, with 31% of those identifying as BAME reaching senior management roles. 

24% of those working full-time who identified as ‘White British’ were earning £70,000 or more, this fell to 15% for those who identified as BAME denomination.

See the photos from the launch event at the House of Commons.

MRS inclusion and diversity report

Findings from an MRS survey into inclusion and diversity in the research and insight sector.

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