Call for contributions for Innovation Symposium – Multiple Source Analytics

We really need research agencies to help us get to the heart of the issue, pulling everything together into a cohesive whole. In some ways, it goes back to the concept of triangulation, using multiple sources to tell a consistent story.
(Denise Turner, Insight Director at Newsworks)

“We’re looking for agencies who can consolidate across pieces of work to make sure we are adding to our knowledge, not just repeating what’s gone before,”
(Jessica Salmon, head of research at O2)

On Thursday 9 November 2017 we will be holding our fourth symposium. A two hour, evening mini-conference that will build on the success of the previous events.

The key theme for this symposium is Multiple Source Analytics – the area of analytics that involves combining primary research data with other data sources to deliver powerful and insightful models. We would like to showcase some leading edge case studies that show innovation in this area and speak directly to our network’s aims.

Our members have a common interest in advanced analytics, but approach this from a variety of backgrounds, so papers should not be overly technical (e.g., avoid equations). Rather they should focus on giving clear examples of how a specific new approach, technique or tweak has improved on what went before, and how the audience can use the approach etc. themselves. Papers should be explicit in their description of how members can apply the learnings/techniques described.

Please submit any specific questions or a brief description of your idea for a paper to Michelle Denslow via email at

Please use the following headings for your submission (in Word format)

1) Author (s)/ Company or Affiliation
2) Paper title
3) Description of how you integrated different data sources in analysis to address a single business issue/create a single model etc. (max 200 words)
4) Data you will use to show the impact of this development

Please note that we do not accept papers that promote proprietary software or are more directly concerned with data visualisation. Please also note that whereas we hope that authors who present at the symposium will be willing to share their presentations via the MRS website, this is not mandatory.

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