The finalists for the best paper from volume 57 of the IJMR have been announced

In Yes-no answers versus check-all in self-administered modes, Mario Callegaro, Micheal H. Murakami, Ziv Tepman and Vani Henderson conduct a systematic review of different aspects of the available research that compares the formats for questions with dichotomous response options.

Why the level-free forced-choice binary measure of brand benefit beliefs works so well, co-authored by John R. Rossiter, Sara Dolnicar and Bettina Grün, points out the advantages of the methodology over other belief measure formats – advantages that, say the authors, include prevention of all forms of response bias.

In Chris Barnham’s Quantitative and qualitative research: perceptual foundations, the outlines a new platform upon which the distinction between quantitative and qualitative research can be established and which links the latter with semiotics.

The final paper, In researching emerging markets, anthropology often trumps statistics by Christopher Hylton Fitzroy Nailer, Bruce William Stening and Marina Yue Zhang, argues that a thorough understanding of emerging markets requires a mind-set and set of skills akin to those of an anthropologist, and sets out how these can be acquired.

Fellows and Certified Members can read these papers online today. Other Members can request copies by emailing us.

The winning paper will be announced at the MRS Awards Dinner on 5 December in London. Entries for the other categories may be submitted until 4 July.

An archive of all past Medal-winning papers can be found here.

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