The use of accredited recruiters is now a mandatory obligation*, for MRS Company Partners, when buying qualitative research recruitment services.

Developed by MRS and the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR), the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) recognises the knowledge, skills and competence of professional recruiters. It also aims to address quality concerns, and reduce potential business and data risks, that can arise from poor practices in this area.

MRS Company Partners are bound by the MRS Code of Conduct and Quality Commitment which means they are required to use accredited recruiters.

The two regulatory guidelines that underpin the scheme:

Qualitative Research Recruitment – Legal Requirements and Best Practice: Regulations for Recruiters

MRS Regulations for Buying of Qualitative Research Recruitment Services

To ensure buying of recruitment services, is in line with the mandatory obligation MRS has a list of RAS Accredited Companies – both In House and External - and a fully searchable register of RAS Accredited Recruiters, available here.

All RAS Accredited Companies – External have been instructed that for any recruitment services undertaken for MRS Company Partners they should use their pool of RAS accredited recruiters and only use non-accredited recruiters if there are no other options e.g., the recruiters cover a region of the country where there are no accredited recruiters available.

Ways you can verify a recruiter:

  1. Check the RAS Accredited Recruiter Register here
  2. Ask for proof of Accreditation (everyone who has passed the RAS Assessment is provided with an Accreditation Certificate - PDF)
  3. Email MRS to verify – we can check in the system and confirm

For queries, please email or visit the RAS Webpages.

* unless specific and identified circumstances or geography prevent this.

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