The President of MRS, Jan Gooding, is seeking nominations from members for this year’s MRS President’s Medal. 

The MRS President's Medal is awarded annually to an organisation or individual that has made an extraordinary contribution to research, but does not have the institutional framework to be recognised by the standard MRS Awards programme. This usually means that they do not work for, or with, a commercial research organisation. The key factor is that they must have done something ‘extraordinary’ – achieving something beyond the ordinary. This is a broad criteria purposefully designed to allow for the widest range of individuals and organisations to be considered.

There is no fee to submit a nomination for the award, but the nomination must be made by an MRS member (who may not nominate themselves or any organisation they benefit from financially).

Previous winners include a group of academics who conducted research on election-rigging in newly formed democracies (details here), the United Nations SDG Action Campaign and numerous global charities whose efforts to give voices to previously unheard from communities has had a major impact on policy.

The shortlist of candidates will be selected by the President’s Medal Panel, consisting of the CEO, Chair and President of MRS. The winner is chosen by the President and invited to receive their medal at the MRS Awards in December.

Nominations should consist of a short statement (max 200 words) outlining what the nominee has achieved and three links to material online or attachments which support the claims made in the statement.

Please send nominations to by 4pm on 6 July 2020.

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