Dear MRS Company Partners,

The AMRS continue to expand and enrich the content within the archives, and are now establishing Modern Collections and three new Specialist Collections.


  1. The COVID Research Collection – a collection of research conducted during the 2020 COVID pandemic, including qualitative research and quantitative studies of the general population, doctors, healthcare workers, business and the public sector. We see this as an international collection focused on the UK.

  2. The Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Collection – we would like to collect together all the research relating to Diversity and Inclusion in the UK: historic, current and on-going.

  3. The Brexit Collection – all the research conducted which relates to Brexit.

The objective of these new collections is to ensure that future researchers, historians and students have access to a good body of real research evidence from contemporary times to understand the development of these issues.


AMRS request to the MRS Company Partners

  • We would warmly welcome your research contributions to the Specialist Collections.
  • We are also looking for volunteers to support with the coordination of this effort.

To learn more about other material we’re keen to acquire, please visit our ‘Contribute material’ page.

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