The Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR) is a volunteer charity that’s building a record of research in the UK. Its objective is to collect research-based material, and make it available to those seeking to explore the evolution of our behaviours, attitudes and lives.

The Archive’s collection brings together books, periodicals, reports and data sources. These include social surveys, marketing studies, political polls and technical developments. As well as storing original documents, AMSR is digitising its material for access on its website, where data and commentary can be freely searched.

A lot of valuable material has been lost or destroyed. If you have data, documents, journals or books that you are willing to donate, the AMSR would be very happy to hear from you.

It’s also keen to recruit new volunteers who have specialist skills or might be able to help with collecting, cataloguing or scanning donated materials at our office in Harrow. Current volunteers say it’s sociable and fun. As a charity AMSR is grateful for all sponsorships and financial donations too.

To hear more about the Archive, how it’s developing and how you can be involved, sign up for communications here:

PS - Come and meet us at our stand at MRS Impact 12-13 March

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