What is the AMSR?

We should all be very proud to be part of the research and insight sector. There is hardly a product, a service, an ad, a political campaign or a policy decision that has been made in this country in the last 70 or so years that hasn’t been touched in some way by market research. We have an incredible history and heritage. And that is where the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR) comes in.

The AMSR was established in 2016 by a group of the UK’s senior researchers. The charity’s volunteers preserve the documents, papers and other research materials of the industry’s achievements over the past 70+ years, making them available in digital format, freely available to all, on the AMSR website.

The opportunity

Last year, the charity produced two highly regarded books, on the history of research methods and on social trends, in order to showcase the wealth of content available.  We are now working on a third book – ‘Researching the public: policy, politics and polling’ which will focus on the contribution that the industry has made to government policy and in the political arena.

The book will comprise 12 short articles in this area – with exact topics yet to be finalised, but covering such areas as immigration policy, wars, the NHS, the EU and Brexit, pandemics, new political parties, and polling fails. We want to ensure that these articles are written by authors that represent the diversity of talent in the industry so, through the DI&E Council, we are inviting members of diverse networks – MRSpride, CORe, WIRe and MRS Unlimited – to register their interest in writing an article (with the support and guidance of the AMSR team.)

Why should I get involved?

  • This is an opportunity to have your writing published, in a beautifully produced book, alongside that of other well-respected industry thinkers. For example, Ben Page and Rory Sutherland contributed to our previous books.
  • The AMRS is a worthwhile charity, safeguarding the history and heritage of our industry
  • Researching the Archive is genuinely exciting – you never know what gems you will find

Who are we looking for?

Anyone who enjoys writing, has an interest in history and/or politics and/or political and public sector research and would like to learn a bit more about the Archive and be part of a high-profile and rewarding project. We are also looking for academics who may wish to contribute (the Archive is of great value to academics) so if you have any lecturers, professors, PhD students etc. in your social or professional network, please do also invite them to register an interest.

Timing: we aim to have all the articles finished by end of September 2022 and to launch the book in spring 2023.

Next steps

Please contact judith@contentwrite.com to register your interest. I can give you a more detailed brief and also discuss the potential topic areas with you. We are also open to suggestions – if there is a topic area in which you have an interest or expertise, we would love to hear from you.

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