We’ve recently updated the way you access the Company Partner area. Plus we’ve introduced some new benefits for all Company Partner employees – called Access - that can also be activated through this new process.

From now on Company Partner employees will have their own individual account, instead of the old system of one login per organisation. Your old organisation login will still work for now, however we’ve added in a range of specialist benefits designed for insight professionals - and these can only be accessed through an individual MyMRS web account.

Setting up your new account - a step-by-step guide
  1. To set up your new login please visit mrs.org.uk
  2. Click on MyMRS in the top right corner of the homepage
  3. Either sign in to your existing MyMRS account if you have one or select Create account (please use the email address that MRS sends correspondence to)
  4. Once there you will need to ensure you have linked your MyMRS account to your Company Partner organisation under 'settings'.
  5. To gain access to the benefits also ensure that you have filled in your Date of Birth under settings.
  6. Sign up to Access or &more with a simple opt in. (Please note: if you are a member of MRS, you already receive all these benefits and much more so you don’t need to sign up to either).
  7. For further information please see our step-by-step guide.

Any questions?
If you have questions regarding the new system, Access or your MRS Company Partner package, please contact Company.Partners@mrs.org.uk

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