10 Revealing Insights into the Modern Consumer

Navigating the needs of the modern customer has never been more challenging. Customers are savvier, more empowered, and more choice-saturated than ever. In order to satisfy them, we have to understand them. We have to identify changing behaviours and anticipate further change. 

This brand new conference will lay out a compelling series of trends that leading brands have identified among their customer base. Driven by powerful insight, these trends will cast light on the modern customer.

This event brings together leading brands that will lay bare the trends driving demand within their own businesses. They will show you the shape of change, the actions they are taking to rise to challenges set, and cast an eye toward the future in a bid to anticipate the changes to come.

You’ll learn:

  • How the changed expectations and behaviours of 'post-digital' customers have forever altered the way in which customers are willing to build relationships with brands. Exclusive preview of new research by Quadrangle reveals the new 'rules of engagement'.   
  • How a growing hunger for ‘me time’ is helping to craft TfL strategy and what that means for the future of travel.
  • How younger consumers are shunning sexual and gender labels and what this means for those in the sexual health business.
  • How customers want a sense of serendipity in online transactions and how that works for retailers and communicators.
  • How low-income families are changing the way they deal with their finances and what that means for the insight profession.
  • How brand mistrust is rife beyond London, and what that means for companies which want to strike a closer relationship with customers.
  • How customers are being attracted to robo-advice – and what this means to the financial services industry.
  • How social media habits are changing – and what that means to the BBC Media Action
  • How there is rising scepticism regarding healthy eating advice – and that this means to the supermarkets.

Who is the conference for?

  • Marketing managers and directors who want to tap into the latest customer intelligence across a diverse range of sectors.
  • Clientside insight teams who want to help their organisations effect meaningful change through deeper customer understanding.
  • Insight directors from research agencies who want to understand what’s driving consumer and stakeholder demand.

Mondrian London
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20 Upper Ground,London,SE1 9PD

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