Brand new for October 2019, MRS presents its latest conference in its data analytics portfolio of events designed for delegates who want more technical detail and hands-on experience in getting the most out of different data sources and data science tools.

Join data scientist and insight specialists as they take delegates step by step through their recent analytics projects highlighting methods, models and refinements and explaining how to overcome project challenges. Select one of the afternoon sandbox environments to sharpen your skills in fusing structured and unstructured data, producing awesome visualisations or optimising value from readily available data sources.

Book today to:

  • Examine applications of different data science methodologies
  • Unpick the analytics and insight journeys in a selection of new case studies
  • Hone practical skills working with new data sources and data science tools

By attending this event delegates will improve their skills and knowledge in:

  • Combining structured survey data and unstructured big data
  • Extracting value from existing customer data sources
  • Selecting & applying predictive analytics models
  • Using different data mining tools
  • Creating powerful data visualisation in Tableau and Power BI

The Leonardo Royal Hotel
Tower Bridge, 45 Prescot St, ,London ,E1 8GP

No Biography Available

N.B. Delegates should bring their laptop to this event.

09.00 Registration & coffee

09.30 Opening comments from the Chair
Leigh Morris, Founder and Strategy Director, Bonamy Finch


09.40 MRS data analytics guidance

  • Data analytics support and standards provided by the MRS
  • Signposting for MRS data analytics resources

Camilla Ravazzolo, EU Policy Manager, Market Research Society
Helen Oldfield, Marketing Director, Market Research Society


10.00 Using predictive analytics to drive customer satisfaction

Home Group is one of the largest housing associations in the UK. It recently launched a new customer promise with a key strand being to deliver a reliable repairs service - an area where customers regularly state there is room for improvement. Some of the information Home Group holds about its repairs service is unstructured, unwieldy, and not always simple to link to other information. By using predictive analytics techniques, Home Group has been able to understand once and for all, what factors influence customer satisfaction levels and therefore where priorities for improvement should lie. Join Home Group and Honeycomb to hear about the methodologies and tools used and the challenges and pitfalls they experienced on their analytics journey to generating impactful insight and improving customer satisfaction.

Bethan Blakeley, Director, Honeycomb
Ruth Alsancak, Customer Insight Analyst, Home Group


10.30 Using customer analytics to realise the value of your customer data

Vue Cinema wanted to enhance its customers’ experience and maximise in-venue sales opportunities. Using the client’s existing customer data sources, Bonamy Finch generated a more detailed understanding of the behaviour and requirements of customers than had been achieved previously.  This session will take delegates through how the data was engineered to deliver the requirements and will examine methodologies and software used in each part of the process. It will highlight how the project overcame pitfalls and how the final solution was visualised and presented to the wider functions within the business.

Paul Jackson, Head of Advanced Analytics, Bonamy Finch
Steven Pesarra, Senior Analytics Manager, Bonamy Finch
Marie Anderson, Director, Maran Consulting
Ruth Hinton, Brand Planning & Insights Manager, Vue

11.00 Morning refreshments 

11.30 From terabytes to insights: informing a big data driven content publication strategy to inspire architects to build better cities is the leading web portal providing information to help millions of architects build better cities globally. With 20+ terabytes of semi-structured data available, processing and extracting value while ensuring analytical rigor is a challenging task. In this session SKIM will demonstrate how it creatively combined machine learning with sound statistics to synthesize billions of data records into actionable recommendations powering ArchDaily’s big data content strategy. Hear the step by step approach of how SKIM addressed two key business challenges:

  • Forecast future popularity of architectural trends
  • Identify key drivers of blockbuster articles

Juan Andrés Tello, Senior Director LATAM, SKIM
Guillermo Zedan, COO,


12.00 How AI is being used to adapt local services and engage hard to reach communities

The Controlling Migration Fund (CMF) is a Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government's (MHCLG) programme which helps local authorities adapt to accelerating levels of in-migration and to improve cohesion.  Applying a form of artificial intelligence to registers of adult names for 2011 and 2019, OriginsInfo, Webber Phillips and The Campaign Company have developed an innovative method which reveals movements of specific minorities since 2011. This session will examine the set of novel research metrics featured and examine the innovative AI powered method developed which is enabling local authorities to adapt services to local needs by identifying the minorities that are proving hard to engage with. 

Professor Richard Webber, GURU, University of Newcastle & Managing Director, OriginsInfo
Phil Canham, Data Scientist | Corporate Insight Hub | Policy and Participation, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

12.30 Fusing census server data to research panels: a TV currency case study

Hear how high-quality research panels and Big Data can work together in tandem to improve accuracy in TV audience measurement. Kantar’s new TV audience measurement tool, involves the fusion of census level IP streaming data from broadcaster players onto the core ‘people meter’ panel. The outputs are delivered daily to the market. This session will:

  • Examine the model and fusion methodology developed
  • Highlight the key challenges this new approach had to overcome
  • Explore real life examples from the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, UK and Finland

Sushmita Jain, Director Data Science, Audience Measurement Solutions, Media Division, Kantar


13.00 Lunch


14.00 -16.00 Sandbox environments (tea and coffee available throughout)


Choose your sandbox session and immerse yourself in some hands-on learning, trying out new tools and techniques and building your knowledge and familiarity with a range of data sources. Delegates will need to bring their own laptop to the session.






Often market researchers tend to overlook a countless number of data sources which can be accessed for free or for a minimal cost from variety of commercial or public entities. This session will take you on a journey of data discovery!


  • Learn about a variety of free/minimal cost data sources and ways to access them
  • Examine data sources which can help you answer questions on internet usage, search & social trends, health issues, geo-locational insights, consumer trends, economical movements, housing & many more
  • Participate in hands-on activities for specific data tools
  • Any attendee with an open & data-inquisitive mind can attend. No prior data science skills are required for this session.


Preriit Souda, Director: Data Science & Strategic Insights, PSA Consultants





Turning your data into stories for clients is key for maximising the impact and longevity of insight. In this session delegates will hear and practice a step-by-step approach to visualising data using off-the-shelf tools.

  • Step 1 – defining the user requirements
    • What are their business objectives?
    • Who are the users?
    • What are the main KPIs used?
    • What are the critical success factors?
  • Step 2 – selecting and connecting up data sources
    • Back-end Power BI data ingestion tips
    • Data architecture & data storage tips
  • Step 3 – planning a data visualisation
    • Designing for the user’s needs
    • Making visualisations intuitive & fit-for-purpose
    • Designing for impact
    • Brand considerations
  • Step 4 – building a data visualisation
    • Processes & approaches
  • Step 5 – testing a data visualisation
    • Testing with users
    • Acting on feedback
    • Challenging feedback
  • Examine and analyse real-life client examples
  • Hone skills in producing visualisations using dummy datasets for hands-on analysis
  • Takeaway a step-by-step guide

Helen Tanner, Data Consultant, Data Cubed
Amanda Kite, Data Visualiser, Data Cubed
George Vince, Data Analyst, Data Cubed
Mark Horner – Data Analyst, Data Cubed




The rise of the citizen Data Scientist has been made possible by the application of new tools and methodologies.  In this session delegates will:

  • Explore data fusion techniques to combine multiple structured and unstructured data sources
  • Discover how to auto ingest vast volumes of data to give immediate insight
  • Play with a range of leading-edge technologies eg Snowflake, Tableau & Dataiku
  • Experiment with visualisations and explore how different visualisation can be used to tell the data stories
  • Learn how captured data can be easily run against 100s of models using automated machine learning technologies to discover the most accurate model

Andy Hopcraft, Practice Director, SDG Group UK
Nick Bonney, Founder, Deep Blue Thinking

16.00-16.20 Refreshment break

16.20-16.45 Closing comments from Sandbox Hosts and Q&A

16.45-16.50 Closing comments from the Chair

 16.50 End of conference

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