Impact 2019 showcases the widest range of voices in the insight community and beyond. The insight picture is at its richest when opinion, ideas, work and debate come from the most diverse sources.

The conference offers a career-defining platform for induviduals and help broker valuable business for organisations. It’s a challenging, practical and provocative hothouse for idea, debate and connection.

Insight and research needs to work harder than ever to lift business, shape society and deliver value. To magnify the effectiveness of our insight we need to augment it with new skills, technologies, disciplines and tactics. When applied effectively, this boldly cohesive style of insight has unlimited potential. Join us at Impact 2019 where we bring together the most dynamic examples of augmented thinking. It’s a dazzling two-day journey to the heart of growth, engagement and improvement.

Our two-day programme is divided into three themes:

- Commercial creativity: augmenting business with insight, intelligence and flair for profit
- Future fusion: synthesising data, technology and creativity for transformation
- Smart societies: blending disciplines, tools and tactics for progress

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Grange Hotel Tower Bridge
15 Prescot Street,London,E1 8GP

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