The ADA (Advanced Data Analytics) Network is a specialist group for advanced practitioners to meet, identify, develop and disseminate research industry best practice in the area of advanced analytics.

We are introducing a whole new format to our network events, these will now be smaller forum events where you will get the opportunity to discuss and debate with peers on a variety of specific subjects.

For our autumn event we are searching for presentations that discuss pitfalls in Advanced Analytics from a machine learning / algorithm perspective and discussions on ways to avoid them.

We want to delve into the specifics on any bias, over-fitting and generalisation problems you’ve experienced.  This could be to share learnings from challenges or short falls and how you’ve overcome them, or how you design the analytical process to avoid such pitfalls.

Submission deadline: Tuesday 24 August 2021 

If you’d like to contribute to our 18th November 2021 event please send in a submission for a:

  • CASE STUDY (15 -20 minutes)
  • NO SLIDES PANEL SESSION (15-20 minutes): If you would prefer to not describe an actual instance but discuss hypothetically this is also fine to submit a discussion piece that will generate a stimulating debate.

A quick note on our selection criteria

As this will be a forum event with lots of discussion and debate there are just 2 slots available and we will be looking for 2 that balance each other out, give 2 sides to the story. Don’t let this put you off though, we will be hosting more events next year too so if it doesn’t make it through to this one it will go forward for selection discussion next time.

At this stage we are not clear whether we can hold this as a physical round table event at MRS HQ or whether it will be held as an online meeting, and therefore the time is TBC. A decision will be reached before we advertise the event in October but you should bare this in mind when submitting your contribution.

If you have a case study or idea for this please submit a brief synopsis (max. 500 words) for consideration by Tuesday 24 August to


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