The MRS Behavioural Science Summit will take delegates on a journey of professional development to broaden their understanding of behavioural science, examine the potential of different tools and techniques and hear how to measure and maximise the impact of their own behavioural change initiatives.

This year we plan to:

  • deliver the latest thinking around consumer consciousness, human decision making, behavioural economics and implicit choice
  • examine non-conscious behavioural research techniques that capture intuitive and implicit responses
  • explore behavioural frameworks that are helping organisations to understand and influence consumer decision making
  • showcase behavioural change ‘nudges’ and initiatives that have had a powerful impact
  • assess how to responsibly bring together behavioural science, data science and AI
  • examine how to apply behavioural design to drive behaviour change
  • consider the ethics of using psychology to influence consumers, employees and citizens

We have just 10 sessions to fill at this hugely popular event. Please let us know if you’d like to be considered for a:

  • THOUGHT PIECE (30 minutes) – Deliver new thought provoking, cultural, psychological and behavioural theories around consumer consciousness, decision making and implicit choice.
  • CASE STUDY (30 minutes) – Share your latest research on understanding, measuring and influencing behaviour.
  • NO SLIDES PANEL SESSIONS (30 minutes) - Convene and lead a panel discussion that will generate a thought-provoking debate on a practical aspect of behavioural science.
  • IN CONVERSATION WITH… (30 minutes) - Lead a one-to-one interview style session which brings together an agency and client for a topical conversation about a new project or a recent research challenge. 

A quick note on our selection criteria:

With just 10 sessions available we give priority to client-side presenters / co-presenters, new hot-off-the-press research and projects using pioneering research techniques.

MRS is committed to equal gender representation on the conference platform. MRS is also committed to achieving a target of a minimum of 15% of speakers to come from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

If you have a recent research project that you’d like to showcase or a conference session idea please submit a brief synopsis (approx. 200 words) for consideration by Thursday 13th May to

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