How can market research help brands successfully embody their brand purpose?

Today’s customers want to buy into brands that represent the values and champion the causes important to them. However, younger generations, in particular, are becoming increasingly cynical about the authenticity of brands’ claimed purposes. Now that consumer voices can be amplified at an unprecedented scale, brands can be applauded, ridiculed or ‘cancelled’ in a flash. The stakes for brand owners have never been higher.

This MRS Brand Purpose conference will showcase the latest market research that is helping brands establish authentic purposes which resonate with target customers. We’re looking for innovative research that uncovers what’s important to today’s consumers and shows how to embed their hopes and desires in a brand purpose strategy.

If you’d like to participate at this new event, we’re interested in research that’s supporting brands to:

  • Gain new insights into Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha attitudes and expectations of brands
  • Embody their purpose with authenticity
  • Connect brand purpose with customer experience
  • Develop purpose led communications and campaigns
  • Incorporate employee and stakeholder perspectives into shaping brand purpose
  • Measure the impact of brand purpose

We plan to include dynamic and engaging sessions and brand-new, unseen content. If you have new research to share, please send in a submission for a:

  • BRAND STRATEGY THOUGHT PIECE (25 mins) Share novel thinking on brand strategy.
  • CASE STUDY (30mins) –Agency / client joint presentation of a recent research project. Please highlight the remarkable elements of your case study.
  • NO SLIDES PANEL SESSIONS (30mins) - Convene and lead a panel discussion on a broad brand research challenge that all delegates can relate to.
  • IN CONVERSATION WITH… (30mins) - Lead a one-to-one interview style session which brings together an agency and client to discuss how they’ve embedded insight in their organisation to shape their brand purpose strategy.

A quick note on our selection criteria:

With just 10 sessions available we give priority to client-side presenters / co-presenters, new hot-off-the-press research and projects using pioneering research techniques.

MRS is committed to equal gender representation on the conference platform. MRS is also committed to achieving a target of a minimum of 15% of speakers to come from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

If you have a recent research project that you’d like to showcase or a conference session idea please submit a brief synopsis (approx. 200 words) for consideration by Wednesday 29th June to

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