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Geodemographics in a digital age

Geodemographics in a digital age

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This event has taken place.

Registration from 1pm
Seminar from 1.30pm to 5pm

It would be natural to imagine that geodemographics has now become obsolete – in view of the big data that companies can access on individual consumer purchases, transactions and online browsing behaviour.

Yet geodemographics has adapted itself for the digital age, and is increasingly being recognised as a valuable source for online marketing, alongside its more traditional off-line applications.

This seminar will explain how these transformations are taking place. Four main themes will be discussed:

· How geodemographics is being applied for digital campaigns and targeting online advertising.

· How digital is changing the analytics approach used by retailers.

· The opportunities and risks of tracking consumer locations in real time, for location-enabled targeting.

· Ethical and data protection considerations – what are the implications for geodemographics?

The seminar will close with a panel session to discuss issues arising from these themes.

Where is the event taking place?


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street

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Michael Whitelegge

Michael Whitelegge heads up the Big Data Solutions team within Marks & Spencer’s Information Management department. 
During his time at M&S, Michael has been responsible for developing and implementing innovative data solution processes to support analytical applications from store location analysis to customer insight.

Following his Geography BSc and Masters in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Leicester, he has held previous roles in different consultancy companies ranging between natural resources, transportation, oil and telecommunications applications spanning over 25 years.

Jane Gwilliam

During her career, Jane has undertaken extensive international work and has shared this knowledge via significant contributions to conferences and MRS training. She is a founder and contributor of the Research Club and has been involved with a number of other professional bodies.On receiving her Fellowship, Jane say “I see being invited to be a Fellow of MRS as an accolade for all the people who have been with me during my many years in market research – the people who trained me, put up with my early mistakes and who later nurtured my ideas and supported me. And thank you MRS!”

Vanella Jackson

As MRS Chairman, Vanella was a champion for modernising MRS, broadening its scope, and encouraging more members to become involved and to make a difference. Previously a member of MRS Council and now Vice-President, she is an ambassador for MRS widening its reach, influence and co-operation.

Darren Mark Noyce

Darren has made a significant contribution to the development and understanding of new research techniques. He has a long-standing involvement with the MRS annual conference and has contributed to various training courses, seminars and conferences and supported a number of other professional bodies.On receiving his Fellowship, he says “Fellowship rewards the clients, colleagues and counsels from my insightful journey. My MR curiosity sprang in Spring '87, during Economics A-level. This grew at Uni, then developed within variously-sized agencies, based in the UK/Europe and the USA. MRS has been the Guide during this journey. Becoming a Fellow starts an exciting new stage, and I truly look forward to giving back.”

Rob Sheldon

Rob has made a significant contribution to further the development, use and understanding of the stated preferences approach, publishing widely on this topic. Rob contributed to MRS as a Council Member, Chair of the MRS Management Board and member of the MRS Company Partner Service Advisory Board and Conference Programme Team. Rob has also made a significant contribution to the work of other professional bodies.On receiving his Fellowship, Rob says “I was really delighted to be made a fellow of the Society. I am in that happy position of having always enjoyed my work and to be recognised in this way for something I love is a real bonus. It is really a testament to the talented and committed people that I am lucky to work with.”

Fiona Wood

Fiona has made a significant contribution to the understanding and appreciation of research within government. She has made a long-standing contribution to MRS conferences and more recently MRS awards, and has been a committed developer of research talent.On receiving her Fellowship, Fiona says “During my career, both agency and clientside, I have been lucky to work with some really inspiring people, most recently my team at COI who always spurred me on to better things. It is an honour to have been recognised in this way by a truly illustrious peer group, and I hope to continue to contribute to this industry for many years to come.”


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