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Insight strategies to shape, embed and activate purpose

Today’s customers want to buy into brands that represent the values and champion the causes important to them. Find out how market research is helping leading brands like Santander, Co-op, Danone and Wilko demonstrate authenticity, develop emotionally resonate narratives and connect with consumers.

Topics on the Agenda

Consumers want to engage with brands whose values match their own, but at the same time are becoming increasingly cynical about the authenticity of their claimed 'purpose'. Now that consumer voices can be amplified at an unprecedented scale, brands can be applauded, ridiculed or ‘cancelled’ in a flash. The stakes for brand owners have never been higher.

This conference will showcase how research and analytics methodologies can help brands successfully embody and activate their brand purpose. Join to hear:

  • How global cider brand Somersby used semiotics to bring its purpose to life across a range of culturally-diverse markets
  • How animal welfare charity Cats Protection embarked on a 360-degree insight programme to identify how to win the hearts of future audiences
  • How to shift market research away from “Brand Narcissism” to a focus on the customer’s own experience, priorities and needs
  • How the world's most emotionally intelligent brands have leveraged AI-powered MassQual

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Learn how to:

  • Activate brand vision and build resonance with target audiences
  • Connect brand health and purpose with customer experience
  • Develop purpose-led communications and campaigns for culturally diverse markets
  • Embed brand purpose across organisational culture
  • Track & measure brand purpose to build loyalty with customers
Event structure
  • Case studies of new hot-off-the-press research projects
  • Panel discussions on broader topics and current challenges facing the sector
  • One-to-one interviews with influential speakers
  • Networking opportunities including live chat functions, random speed networking and a Q&A session after every presentation

09.30 Welcome from the Chair

Tim Wragg, CEO, Hall & Partners


09.35 How Santander is shaping & embedding brand purpose to resonate with target consumers

This session will explore the role of brand purpose for Santander, and how it has been proven a positive tool in driving commercial success. Explore how asset testing, semiotics and prosperity segmentations contributed to shaping purpose that resonated with customers and how digital ethnography helped Santander embed this insight across the business to deliver commercially effective propositions and experiences.

Tom Scrimgour, Managing Director, Redblue
Greg Sill, Partner, Redblue
Joe Goldberg, Brand Strategy lead, Santander


10.05 Developing culturally authentic purpose to boost growth in local markets

A Growing-Up-Milk brand in Indonesia tasked Quantum with anchoring its corporate global mission of “One Planet, One Health” locally through its brand purpose. Quantum’s aim was to ensure brand purpose resonance with Indonesian culture and for research to feed into the crafting of local communications.
This case study will explore the dual-lens approach of identifying the underlying cultural schema, and in equal measure, arriving at activation principles that would result in brand-action. It will examine how a mixed methodology was used to identify visual-verbal associations and to drive an appropriate narrative for the local market. Hear how research outcomes have led to an upsurge in regional growth.

Amrita Sen, Associate Partner, Quantum, Indonesia
Adinda Meirianty, Strategy and Innovation Insight Lead, Danone, Indonesia


10.35 Break


11.00 Co-op – ‘Cooperate for a fairer world’

Co-op is a brand with purpose at its heart – to Co-operate for a fairer world. As a true co-operative, it’s vital to be profitable but how Co-op does business is also important to members and customers. Members believe in the values of social responsibility and caring for others, and they expect this to cut through in all that Co-op does.
In this case study delegates will hear how Co-op uses a 360 degree view of insight to activate its vision. Hear how insight is used at a strategic and tactical level to activate the brand, focus, and make a positive difference.

Sarah De Caux, Lead Research Manager - Insight & Research (Data and Loyalty), Co-op 
Joe Moran, Brand & Membership Insight Manager, Co-op

11.30 Whose purpose? How semiotics unlocked the purpose of optimism across three diverse cultures

Carlsberg’s market-leading cider brand, Somersby, is driven by the idea of optimism. But how could this idea retain meaning and relevance across widely differing cultures and how could the idea of optimism be made authentic and credible? This session will explore how a global cider brand used semiotics to bring its purpose to life across a range of culturally-diverse markets.

It will show examples of the cultural analysis, the new platforms and cultural truths discovered, the brand journey from ‘old optimism’ to ‘new optimism’ and the 5 key takeaways learned about purpose along the way.

Rob Thomas, Director, Practical Semiotics
Yelena Gaufman, Strategy Partner, Fold7


12.00 Using Research to connect brand health and purpose with customer experience

Wilko sells a vast array of categories, each including its own unique competitor set. It’s important for the company to understand the role brand associations play across different categories and to see how this relates to purchasing decisions and the overall customer experience.
This session will examine the multi-layered brand and campaign tracking programme developed by Trinity McQueen. Hear how the programme has uncovered brand influenced behavioural drivers, brand perceptions and customers’ experiences of the brand. Additionally, examine how Trinity McQueen is working alongside the CX team to combine sales, satisfaction and brand health data to drive change across the business.

Olga Foster, Research Director and Head of Brand Measurement at Trinity McQueen
Anthony Jokl-Carter, Research Director and Head of FMCG at Trinity McQueen
Nicola Baird, Senior Insight Manager at Wilko


12.30 Lunch


13.30 Brand purpose: what’s measured, what’s missing and what matters most?

A panel discussion with clientside insight professionals into how research and insight can help the business embed brand purpose into its culture, and use it as a platform for making meaningful connections with customers whilst growing the business. 

 Chaired by Christian Walsh, Content & Digital Director, MRS
Didier Roekaerts, Managing Director - Global Analytics Lead Customer Insight & Growth,  Accenture
Kate Reeve, Head of Customer Insight - Digital & Transformation, RBS
Sarah De Caux, Lead Research Manager - Insight & Research (Data and Loyalty), Co-op 


14.15 Revealing the world's most emotionally intelligent brands by leveraging AI-powered MassQual

The better people and brands understand each other, the more value both parties can enjoy from the experiences they share. Spanning 15 markets across the globe, Carat and DVJ Insights have conducted the world’s biggest study into the importance of emotional intelligence in relation to branding. By combining traditional quant with AI-Powered text analytics they’ve determined that brands with higher EQ scores evoke more positive emotions and ultimately deliver better business outcomes. In this session Jemma and Rachel will share some key learnings, take outs, and real-life examples for brands.

Jemma Toynebee-Smith, Global Group Account Lead, DVJ Insights
Rachel Leaver, Head of Research and Insight, Carat


14.45 Break


15.05 Making your brand purpose sing and resonate loudly

We live in a world swamped with charitable ventures. So how can charity brand owners ensure they shout more loudly than competing causes and connect better with potential supporters?
This session will share how Cats Protection embarked on a 360 degree insight programme gathering insights from the general public, supporters, brand partners, staff and high value donors which fed into a purpose-led brand roadmap. Hear how the layered approach of online communities, expert interviews, workshops, quantitative research and brand analytics ensured Cats protection could identify how to win the hearts of future audiences, developing an authentic, emotive brand strategy.

Claire Boorman, Director, BoxClever
Nicola Shepherd, Head of Brand and Marketing, Cats Protection
Trish Varndall, Brand Programme Manager, Cats Protection


15.35 Why your shoppers’ values should matter to your brand

Want to win more customers? Be sure that the story behind your product matches the story shoppers want to tell about themselves.
In this session Alter Agents will share their latest research that found brands with the values and identity that most closely match the shopper’s own values and identity will have a competitive edge. Join Devora Rogers as she explores what shoppers care about when making a purchase decision, best practices for shifting market research away from “Brand Narcissism” to a focus on the customer’s own experience, priorities and needs and how to create a story that will align with today’s value-based shopping reality.

Devora Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer, Alter Agents


16.05 End

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