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Geodemographics in a digital age

Geodemographics in a digital age

Applying locational information for customer analysis and online marketing

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This event has taken place.

Registration from 1pm
Seminar from 1.30pm to 5pm

It would be natural to imagine that geodemographics has now become obsolete – in view of the big data that companies can access on individual consumer purchases, transactions and online browsing behaviour.

Yet geodemographics has adapted itself for the digital age, and is increasingly being recognised as a valuable source for online marketing, alongside its more traditional off-line applications.

This seminar will explain how these transformations are taking place. Four main themes will be discussed:

  • How geodemographics is being applied for digital campaigns and targeting online advertising.
  • How digital is changing the analytics approach used by retailers.
  • The opportunities and risks of tracking consumer locations in real time, for location-enabled targeting.
  • Ethical and data protection considerations – what are the implications for geodemographics?

The seminar will close with a panel session to discuss issues arising from these themes.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street


1.00 Registration & Refreshments

1.30 Chairman’s Introduction
Mike Whitelegge, Marks & Spencer

1.40 Use of geodemographics in digital direct marketing campaigns, Matt Jarman, CACI

  • The data challenge: Blending traditional (geo-dem) data with brand and digital data to create rich consumer understanding and personas
  • The insight challenge: Delivering insight & interpretation, not numbers presented beautifully

The marketing/ planning challenge: To identify and use consistent targeting methodologies across all channels

2.10 Can Geodemographics save Digital?, Mark Lindsay and Paul Cresswell, Experian

  • More than ever there are questions being raised about the transparency of Digital advertising and the effectiveness of the current media ecosystem. The challenges are many – but in this presentation we will put forward the case for how Geodemographics can play a key role in improving the quality and effectiveness of Digital Advertising. During our presentation we will talk through:

    · The challenges brands and the industry face

    · What Geodems can bring to the table

    · How Geodems are integrated with the Digital ecosystem

    · Tips for making the most of Geodems in multi-channel engagement

2.40 How digital & omni channel are changing customer analytics in retail
Martin Squires, Boots

  • Customer analysis in the “old school”
  • Why have customers become truly digital
  • Single view of customers when the customer is always shopping (and shopping everywhere)
  • What’s changed and what’s the same

3.10 tea break

3.30 Geodemographics goes mobile - Tracking people and things on the move - an update on the technologies, opportunities and risks, Peter Furness, Director, Peter Furness Limited
Through electronic tracking and geocoding, our digital footprints now have a spatial dimension - Geodemographics has gone mobile! This opens up many exciting possibilities for service delivery and marketing. We will survey the enabling technologies and explore the opportunities and risks of this new style of geodemographics.

  • The technologies - including GPS, cellular tracking, wifi triangulation, surveillance and 'The Internet of Things'
  • The opportunities:
    • Transportation - vehicle telematics, navigation, usage-based insurance, rescue services
    • Health and welfare - fitness monitoring, asset tracking in healthcare
    • Exploiting 'augmented reality'
    • Retailing - tracking the customer journey in-store
    • Social media - location enabled social networking
    • Data and analytical challenges
  • The risks - protecting data and privacy in order to win public acceptance and meet regulatory constraints

4.00 Ethical and data protection considerations, Michelle Goddard, MRS and Steve Ginnis, Ipsos MORI
Ethical and data protection considerations Just because you can doesn't always mean that you should. An ethical framework that puts expectations of individuals at the core is the starting point for behaving ethically in the digital space.

Legal reforms at the EU level including the General Data Protection Regulation (and proposed ePrivacy Regulation) which will be enforced from May 2018 change the landscape and tighten restrictions on the use of both personal and non-personal location data. In this session the presenters will explore tensions and challenges researchers and marketers will face in providing Innovative insights/research whilst recognising the wider ethical and legal issues that need to be addressed in undertaking geodemographic data analysis. This session will suggest ways of embedding legally compliant privacy and data protection considerations into analytics in this space.

4.30 Panel Session

5.00 Chairman’s close
Mike Whitelegge, Marks & Spencer

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Please click on the photographs to view each speaker's biography.

Mark Lindsay Mark Lindsay is currently Head of Retail and Strategic Client Development at Experian.

Mark has been working in the areas of data, technology and eCommerce for almost 20 years – working with consumer facing organisations across a wide range of verticals to shape successful business solutions.Since joining Experian Mark has focussed more on the areas of data driven marketing – with a specific focus on insight enabled advertising across multiple channels. Mark was instrumental in working with Sky to support the embedding of Experian data and segmentation (including Mosaic) within the UK’s first large scale addressable TV solution. He also worked with Nectar to facilitate one of the UK’s first truly CRM driven multi-channel digital advertising campaigns. Mark’s team now work with Experian’s customers to build analytically derived audiences that are then activated across channels as diverse as Facebook, Direct Mail and Video On Demand.

Paul Cresswell

Paul Creswell has over 30 years commercial, consulting & analytics experience in the development & application of consumer and location data & analytics in cross channel marketing. Currently Head of Data Strategy for Experian Marketing Services' Targeting division, he has been with Experian for over 9 years where he has had numerous global and UK roles across analytics, data development, product management and strategy.

Martin Squires

Martin Squires was selected in 2015 and 2016 as a member of Data IQs Big Data 100. He is a highly experienced customer and marketing analytics professional, with 25 years’ experience in helping blue chip organisations to drive value from building a deeper understanding of their customers. Martin specialises in developing organisations’ customer insight and analysis capabilities. In particular, he brings expertise in creating business requirements for analytical solutions, working hand in hand with IT teams to deploy the right technical infrastructure and tools, recruiting and developing world class analytical teams and building the business processes to make sure these capabilities drive increased customer focus and return on investment.

Dr Michelle Goddard

Dr Michelle Goddard, Director of Policy & Standards at MRS, is responsible for promoting and protecting MRS quality standards. A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, she received her Ph.D. in Law from Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada in 2011 and has a wealth of experience in consumer market regulation and research gained in a range of academic, policy and enforcement roles over the last 20 years.

Michael Whitelegge

Michael Whitelegge heads up the Big Data Solutions team within Marks & Spencer’s Information Management department.During his time at M&S, Michael has been responsible for developing and implementing innovative data solution processes to support analytical applications from store location analysis to customer insight. Following his Geography BSc and Masters in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Leicester, he has held previous roles in different consultancy companies ranging between natural resources, transportation, oil and telecommunications applications spanning over 25 years.

Peter Furness Director, Peter Furness Limited

Peter is a mathematician who has been closely involved with the development and application of new analytical techniques in marketing and customer value management. His work in geodemographics spans several decades and he is passionate about the exciting new data and analytical opportunities opening up in the mobile world. Peter has been a member of the CGG since 1993 and was instrumental in setting up the Geodemographics Knowledge Base in 2000.

Steven Ginnis

Steven Ginnis is an Associate Director at Ipsos MORI, and head of Digital Research at the Social Research Institute (SRI). With eight years of experience across central and local government research, he is responsible for pioneering the use of new and emerging technologies in public sector research, including mobile research, neuroscience, and social media research. He directed the Wisdom of the Crowd project, working with Demos, University of Sussex and Centre for Analysis of Social Media to help embed rigour and ethics at the heart of the social media research process. This included primary research with members of the public to help shape 19 recommendations in how to best meet the established ethical principles of market research in the context of social media. More widely, he recently led the Dialogue on Data Science Ethics commissioned by the Government Data Science partnership looking at public attitudes towards government use of data science. He is a frequent public speaker on research innovation and ethics, including at recent conferences for SRA, MRS, LARIA, MRMW and AoSS.

Matt Jarman

Matt has pioneered data-driven insight and visualisation best practice for over 18 years through his work on behalf of two of the industry’s prominent Direct Marketing organisations: CACI and Wunderman.

Since joining Wunderman as a graduate in 1999, Matt has been immersed in the world of data planning and analytics and has consistently supported and championed the use of data and insight to drive marketing performance.
Matt joined CACI in 2005 and over the past 11 years has helped develop CACI’s data analysis and visualisation proposition. In 2015, Matt was promoted to Director of Data, Insight and Visualisation and created CACI Data Lab to support the promotion of CACI’s expertise in consumer and location insight – as well as reinforce CACI’s focus on data and the use of data to optimise marketing performance across all channels.

Today, the CACI Data Lab team contains a blend of data scientists, statisticians, data planners and visualisation experts that are tasked with creating and providing access to data and insight that excites, inspires and delivers commercial net growth for clients.
In addition to championing the use of data to support marketing, Matt has been a member of the IDM Data Council since 2010, is part of the IDM Mentor Programme and was a judge at this years’ DMA awards.


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