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Customers Exposed 2016

Customers Exposed 2016

27 October 2016 • London
The leading event for brands that want to understand and react to the new wave of consumer demand

In a nutshell


This event has taken place.

The demands made on brands by consumers and citizens are becoming ever more niche, exacting and uncompromising. This is the conference that sends out a warning flare to brands on what they can expect and how they can react.

Now in its third year Customers Exposed offers fresh insight, provocation and advice for anyone wanting to successfully ride the new wave of customer demand.

Eleven research professionals offer a wide-ranging, evidence-based and provocative view of newly-empowered, savvy and financially-rejuvenated customers. Satisfying need, securing loyalty and ensuring trust is no small task. This conference will outline the challenges and point towards some possible solutions.

This interactive conference allows marketers, brand managers, product champions and research professionals the time and space to examine some of the profound issues facing business and society in meeting the needs of the new customer. It's a conference for anyone with a vested interest in understanding change.

What you get:

  • Highly-respected and experienced industry speakers, with deep expertise in the area of consumer and social behaviour.
  • Provocative views and practical advice.
  • Trends that apply across a wide range of sectors.
  • Full interactivity throughout the day, allowing you to challenge and question speakers.
  • No case studies or sales pitches.


Where is the event taking place?


92 Southampton Row 
0207 2422828

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09.15: Morning registration & coffee

09.45: Opening Remarks
Marc Brenner, former editor, Research magazine

09.55: Is Modern Dad Making a Meal of Parenting
Sharing parenting and domestic chores is a given in most British households. But how are brands targeting fathers and are they just reinforcing negative cliches? We examine the detail behind the broad brush strokes.
Peter Dann, director, The Nursery

10.25: Give Me Some Viral Respect or #epicfail
Consumer 'values' are ever-changing and so is the associated language used to describe them. Where does this leave brands that spend years carefully crafting higher order social purpose and value adoption?
Ailean Mills, global insight director, BAMM

10.55: Refreshment Break

11.20: Enter the Age of Angry Politics
Industrial decline, austerity and shifting social demography might mean we might end up with President Trump – but what lessons can brands learn from the emergence of angry politics.
Deborah Mattinson, founding director, BritainThinks

11.50: Meet the ‘Pay What I Want’ Consumer
Marketers will increasingly use shared information to offer not just personalised product and service offerings but differential pricing to consumers. Sometimes this will work in the consumers’ favour, sometimes not; but consumers will become increasingly adept at working the system to their advantage. What does this mean for brands?
Nick Chiarelli, consultancy director, Future Foundation

12.20: The Fluid World of Gender and Sexual Identity for Generation Z
Less than 50% of teens identify as wholly straight, and half have friends who identify as 'gender neutral'. How can brands ensure relevant, sensitive and effective communication with this influential generation?
Jess Owens, associate research director, Pulsar

12.50: Lunch

13.50: Return to the Planet of the Nerds
From Silicon Valley to Star Wars, we live in a culture shaped by nerd culture and fantasies. But nerd culture is in transition. We present a brand’s guide to geekdom, laying out five questions you can ask to understand any fans, including your own.
Tom Ewing, senior director, BrainJuicer Labs

14.20: Optimism. But Not As We Know It.
The world loves optimists. We love optimistic songs, we crave positive emotions like hope and belief. It’s a human drug. But what if optimism gets us into trouble? What if we need a healthy dose of pessimism to keep us from poor decision-making? This session will explore what optimism really means in today’s world, and leave you with a new perspective on what this means for brands.
Caroline Hayter, co-founder and strategist, Acacia Avenue

14.50: Living Brands in the Living Room

Technology has transformed our lives. This is no more true than in our living rooms, where TV’s dominance is being challenged with arrival of new technologies meeting a wider array of needs. These changes pose major challenges for brands, not just in how best to advertise to them, but more broadly how best to respond to these shifting sands. In this talk we’ll not just shed light on what’s changed, but also set out how we feel brands can best flourish in this new world order.

Magnus Willis, founding partner, Sparkler

15.10: Refreshment Break

15.35: Breaking News: The Rise of the Information Junkie
We have become addicted to digital news and spend our lives searching out our next information hit – what does this mean for brands who are fighting for our attention?
Jon Puleston, vice president of innovation, Lightspeed

16.05: Rise of the Not Mom: From the Hand that Rocks the Cradle to the Bedrock of the Economy – Why Women Matter
With single women a powerful political and economic force in the UK and US- and in the US single women buying homes at twice the rate of single men, why are we so slow to embrace the Not Mom consumer?
Rachel Pashley, group planning head, J. Walter Thompson London

16.35: Keynote speaker: Where did you get that hat?
What we buy is increasingly determined not just by who we are, but where we are and what we are doing. We will discuss insights from new evidence showing variations of consumption in space and time.
Mark Birkin, Professor of Spatial Analysis and Policy, University of Leeds & Director, Consumer Data Research Centre

17.05: Concluding remarks

17.15: Close

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Delegate fee until 29 July 2016

MRS Member £335 (£402 inc VAT)

Non-Member £395 (£474 inc VAT)

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Delegate fee from 30 July 2016

MRS Member £435 (£522 inc VAT)

Non-Member £495 (£594 inc VAT)

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