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CX | UX | MR challenges the siloed approach to insight and examine the pathways and benefits of bringing together three branches of insight generation to help organisations achieve a 360 view of their customers and to ensure the voice of the customer informs every experiential touchpoint.

Catch up on key contributions from Cereal Partners Worldwide, Nestle, Centrica, NatWest Group, KCOM, Mars Wrigley, United Utilities to discover how to:

  • Breakdown research silos to deliver 360 customer insights
  • Combine CX, UX & MR to improve product development, user journeys and customer experiences
  • Strategically embed insight throughout organisations to drive customer centricity
  • Share skills and expertise across insight silos
  • Join-up insight to become more agile and reactive to changing markets and consumer needs
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10.00 Welcome from the chair

Dr. Cristina de Balanzo, Board Director, Walnut Unlimited


10.05 Fusing insights from UX, MR, and CX to develop a rich understanding of shoppers

In this session Bulbshare and Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) will share how they fused UX engagements with an online research community and combined CX sessions with wider MR insights to improve their understanding of consumers’ behaviours around online and offline shopping, with a focus on cereal purchasing. This strategic insight has fed into multiple teams, including marketing, e-commerce, logistics, retail, and brand. Hear how this holistic approach has provided CPW with a rich understanding of today’s shopper in an increasingly uncertain world.

Milly Chu, Senior Research Manager, Bulbshare
Miriam Schwarz, CMI Manager, Global Innovation & Brands, Cereal Partners Worldwide


10.35 Delivering a strategic research objective across multiple workstreams

A strategic project team in Natwest were tasked with improving customers’ investment experience and encouraging more customers to open investment products.  Customer insight was at the core of strategic project decisions across product, marketing, and customer experience silos.

In this session delegates will hear how an agile approach was taken to produce a strategic research plan which delivered and embedded relevant primary research insights for each of the workstreams. Caroline will reflect on how silos were successfully broken down to produce a holistic customer view across NatWest for investments.

Caroline McKinley, Senior User Experience (UX) Researcher, NatWest Group
Helen Campbell-Watt, Head Of Wealth Client Insight And Experience, Natwest Group


11.05 Break


11.30 Combining MR, CX and UX to create a complete view of customers

KCOM recently launched a new website to deliver a digital onboarding platform with an enhanced end to end customer experience. This session will outline how KCOM has embraced a customer led approach across insight, digital, UX and proposition teams to maximise sales and optimise customer experience. Examine how this approach enables an iterative process of measuring & refining the customer experience.

Meaka Edwards, Senior Insights Manager, KCOM
Lucy Sykes, Digital Optimisation Manager, KCOM


12.00 Breaking down silos to create customer centric organisations

In this client perspective session Florian will discuss the evolving role of CMI in FMCG, identifying the main needs of different business silos and how insights can support their needs. He’ll consider the role of CMI in breaking down barriers between different silos and how combining siloed customer knowledge optimises strategic decision making. He’ll evaluate how a strategic role for CMI in the boardroom can lead to truly customer centric organisations delivering an improved customer experience.

Florian Heyden, Consumer & Marketplace Insights Manager - Country Lead Nestlé


12.30 Lunch


13.30 Panel: Sharing skills and knowledge across insight silos

  • Examining transferable skills, approaches and learnings across UX & CX / MR & Insight research silos 
  • What can CX, UX and MR learn from each other?
  • Optimising organisational structure to allow CX/UX/MR to learn more from each other and create more value together
  • Examining platforms and technologies that can help UX/MR teams and processes to complement each other, share learnings, methods and collaborate better

Chaired by:

Tom Woodnutt, Founder, Feeling Mutual



Devina Thakkar, Design Practice Lead, Centrica
Caroline McKinley, Senior User Experience (UX) Researcher, NatWest Group
Florian Heyden, Consumer & Marketplace Insights Manager - Country Lead Nestlé


14.00 Delivering a customer-centric approach to website navigation

A company’s website is designed primarily to serve its customers. However, too often, website navigation is designed in a way that makes sense to developers or meets the needs of the internal business but fails to look at the customers’ perspective.

United Utilities teamed up with Boxclever to ensure their relaunched website navigation was run through a customer lens and therefore would deliver a more effective experience. Together, they’ll talk delegates through the multi-method approach used to create a customer-centric appraisal of site navigation and taxonomy.

Karla Rendle, Qualitative Insight Manager, Boxclever
Shy Sharma, Customer Insight & Exploration Manager, United Utilities


14.30 break


15.00 Agile innovation: cutting across business silos to improve NPD

Mars-Wrigley is dedicated to disruptive innovation – both in terms of NPD and in how to achieve it. With the truest measure of NPD being real-world performance, the company set itself a proof of concept challenge: new world understanding in the real world. This meant getting early stage NPD into stores to learn, not just about the product, (stop, pivot or continue?) but about the approach: is this the long term model to speed up innovation pipelines?


Hear how this approach to agile innovation, breaks down the traditional pathways of research, cuts across research timelines and blends shopper insights with proof of concept testing, typically undertaken by different silos at different times in the NPD cycle.

Hannah Rogers, Head of New Business, Blue Yonder Research

In conversation with…

Emma Goff, Global Agile Innovation Insights Manager, Mars Wrigley


15.30 How qualitative research helped Virgin Pure develop a nascent category

This case-study shows how qualitative research can help establish a successful brand, in a nascent category using progressive CX/UX qualitative research methods.  The session will explore how a suite of methodologies including in-home ethnography, UX lab testing, online and mobile qual, drove the optimisation of Virgin Pure’s customer proposition and website conversion rate resulting in an uplift in sales of more than 50%. 

Tom Woodnutt, Founder, Feeling Mutual
Tom Stazicker, CEO, Virgin Pure

16.00 Using Journey Mapping to understand the match day experience through the eyes of fans

Andrew Gilligan, Head of Research & Insights at City Football Group and Eugene Murphy, CEO Indeemo will discuss how City Football Group are creating a Customer Experience (CX) program that leverages Indeemo’s Journey Mapping capability to better understand the match day experience through the eyes of both fans and Man City employees.

Andrew Gilligan, Head of Research & Insights, City Football Group

Eugene Murphy, CEO, Indeemo

16.30 End of conference

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