This year’s event explores a range of novel research approaches being used to uncover insights into new business challenges and opportunities for financial services providers. Explore some of the critical issues facing UK financial consumers and how market research is supporting the delivery of real solutions. 

 Hear new insights and explore research journeys from:

Lloyds Banking Group * Visa Innovation Centre * RBS * WorldRemit * TSB * Fairer Finance * Financial Inclusion Centre * Legal & General * Money and Pensions Service * News UK * Payment Systems Regulator

A packed day where delegates will:

  • Explore financial consumer attitudes, market trends and key industry challenges
  • Examine how AI, emerging tech and new methodologies are delivering better outcomes in FS research
  • Hear how insight is supporting decision making and helping FS providers to seize new commercial opportunities
  • Gain an industry perspective on how to address equality, fairness and vulnerability in financial services
  • Hear from challenger banks on using insight to build better brand engagement
  • Examine how insights are supporting the development of chatbot and mobile banking app design

The Bloomsbury Hotel
16-22 Great Russell Street,London,WC1B 3NN

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09.00 Registration & coffee


09.30 Opening comments from the Chair

Lisa Edgar, Director, The Big Window 


09.35 Future of money: consumer trends

Hear top level findings from News UKs Future of Money quantitative and qualitative study exploring how people manage, save and spend their money. Covering topics such as attitudes towards challenger brands, account switching, open banking, use of different financial products and payment technologies this sets the scene for the day’s sessions.
Sumran Kaul, Senior Manager - Insights, News UK


10.00 Exploring the future of AI, emerging tech & data in financial services

Lloyds Banking Group has been on a human-centred foresight journey, exploring the future of AI, emerging tech & data.  The scope of the work seeks to understand today’s context for emerging tech, describe possible futures and help financial services prepare for them.

Examine the research journey from London to Shenzhen and Hong Kong and hear how the insight was synthesised and used to develop multiple future scenarios and prototype future applications and services.

Laurent Christoph, Experience Strategist - Human-Centred Design, Lloyds Banking Group
Amy Tatton-Brown, Senior Design Researcher, Lloyds Banking Group


10.25 Nobody cares about your 100 page report: research analysis in a world that is the future

Traditionally, research was conducted over several months, with strict attention to detail. Roots in academia meant it held itself to the same standard. However, nobody has time for that anymore. The instant gratification of social media is slowly seeping into analysis. Research needs to be accessible, applicable, scalable and digestible.

Visa and Ipsos will showcase how they have combined new technology with classic Design Thinking principles to make insights more accessible, add more nuance to patterns identified and scale research efforts across markets.

Ria Jesrani, Associate Director of UX, Ipsos UX

Kerry Hebert, Director of Design Strategy, Visa Innovation Centre


10.50 Morning refreshments


11.10 How RBS went from #1 banking app to #1 for mobile adoption

Mobile banking is becoming more mainstream but millions of customers are still not using banking apps. RBS wanted to explore whether its mobile banking app appealed to the late majority/late adopters on the same basis it did to early adopters? The research showed that the bank needed to implement very different strategies for the different groups along the adoption curve. At the same time, with the influx of the new challenger brands, the bar has been raised in terms of user experience and functionality of banking apps.

Hear how this new insight has provided RBS with understanding and clarity on how best to grow mobile banking adoption, redevelop its mobile banking app and refine its marketing and communications strategy.

Andy Lack, Joint Head of Financial, Jigsaw Research

Nikki Humphries, Insight Lead – Digital & Future Trends, RBS


11.35 Is the death knell for traditional banks ringing loudly enough? Are the traditional banks even listening?

Challenger banks and FinTechs are disrupting the Retail Banking Sector with their mobile banking innovations and superior banking app experiences. However, despite this they are lagging behind in terms of customer trust which could hinder their growth.

The MESH Experience Retail banking study has captured 65,000 customer experiences across 100+ touchpoints from 12,500 customers and brings data and insights to show what the FinTechs need to do to overcome Trust issues and how the more traditional banks can leverage their brand equity to compete.

Bharat Parmar, MD EMEA, MESH Experience

Justin Bell, Head of Marketing Effectiveness, TSB


12.00 Using microexpressions & quantum physics to drive deeper fintech brand engagement

WorldRemit was one of the first online international remittance challenger brands, launching in 2010. Since then, the market has become increasingly crowded and WorldRemit is now using innovative research methods such as the analysis of Microexpressions to develop emotionally engaging value propositions to drive fresh growth.

In this session, delegates will hear an introduction to microexpressions and explore how recent advances in psychology, quantum physics & osteopathy are leading to the development of new research approaches that can uncover deeper insights and drive the development of distinctive new fintech propositions.

Alex Maule, Founding Partner, Cedar Research and Innovation

Bettina Meddings, Research Manager, WorldRemit


12.25 Fintechs and the over 50s: the marginalised or the empowered?

Are you comfortable letting a Virtual Assistant manage your basic finances? What about giving third-party access to your financial information? How do you feel about digital banks or digital wallets? Do the answers to these questions change with age?

Increasingly, financial providers are using new technology to make services faster, smarter and cheaper. But how well are these providers catering to older consumers – after all the over 50s hold most of the world’s wealth. Strive Insight and True Digital will share their latest qualitative and quantitative research exploring the relevance of fintech and financial technology (e.g. chatbots, voice activated devices) to people over 50.

Sofia Savage, Associate Director, Strive Insight

Mark Yeomans, Director, Strive Insight


12.50 Lunch


13.50 Panel Debate: Promoting Equality And Fairness In The Financial Services Industry

As we near the end of the PPI mis-selling scandal and edge towards the twelve-year anniversary of the financial crisis the question remains: do we still need to be talking about the well-worn topics of trust and reputation in financial services or should the conversation move on?

Join panellists who will discuss what the financial services industry of the future needs to do to tackle some of those drivers of trust and reputation – fairness, equality and accessibility? How do we build an industry which protects the most vulnerable in society, but continues to be profitable? How could social responsibility standards be enforced? And what can we as individuals, businesses and brands do to take a stance?

Chaired by: James Endersby, CEO, Opinium


James Daley, Founder and MD, Fairer Finance

Mick McAteer, Director, Financial Inclusion Centre

Sarah Pennells, Founder,

Iona Bain, Young Money Blogger, Author of Spare Change


14.20 The role of financial services brands and later life care

The latest projections for an ageing population highlight the need for social care to be reformed. Funding a sustainable way to fund social care is one of society’s greatest challenge due to the ageing population, yet little has been done to meaningfully address the deepening crisis. An ageing population means we cannot wait any longer to secure a positive future for today’s and tomorrow’s older generations.

It is likely that the solution will require a collaborative effort – Government, Charities and Financial Service Providers. Indeed, responsible FS businesses are already preparing for both the challenges and opportunities that an ageing population will bring - but what is their role when it comes to later life care?

Vicky Ward, Senior Partner, the Big Window

Charlotte May, Head of Insight, Legal & General


14.45 Wealth transfer thought leadership

Intergenerational wealth transfer presents a growing threat to UK adviser firms, amid shifting consumer behaviour and the advent of new technologies. However, firms that are prepared to meet the challenges it presents will be able to strengthen their existing client relationships and grow their businesses.

Hear how Savanta worked with their client to uncover the magnitude of the HNW wealth transfer trend in the UK and to identify how best to convert wealth-transfer risk into longer-term opportunity.

David Barks, Director, Savanta


15.10 Developing compelling digital conversations: Chatbots 2.0
Chatbots are evolving. They are no longer an attempt at a facsimile of live chat, but are beginning to emerge as service channel in their own right. There has been an explosion of chatbots across all customer facing businesses and consequently, customer expectations of chatbots are increasingly an abstraction of customer experience. Working in partnership with Illuminas, RBS sought to review the new breed of chatbots, set against shifting customer expectations. The findings provide key insights around chatbot conversational design and flow, along with acknowledging the role of agency in ensuring an effective digital discourse. They highlight new requirements and implications for the financial service industry.

Julian Adams, Director, Illuminas

Ian Goulding, Customer Insight, RBS


15.35 Afternoon refreshments & round table sessions

Join PwC for a selection of hosted roundtable discussions. Choose some refreshments, select a table topic and join a discussion with insight colleagues on the changing nature of FS research practices or new challenges facing the UK’s financial consumers.


Round Table 1: The relationship between Employee Experience (EX) And Customer Experience (CX)

  • Examining customer journeys and exploring what could be the most critical employee behaviours that elevate customer experience and value for customers
  • What types of data and analytical tools are needed for organisations to understand the relationship between their employee and customer experiences?
  • How can organisations influence employee behaviours to improve customer experiences? 
  • What might be the impact on customer experience, as servicing of customers moves towards digital channels and self-service? 


Round Table 2: The future of cash

  • Discussing the impact the growing digital economy is having on our use of cash
  • How should payment systems remain safe, fair and inclusive for the 25 million UK consumers expected to struggle in a cashless society?
  • Learning lessons from countries like Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands that are well on the way to becoming truly cashless


Round Table 3: The future of work

  • How to leverage technology and automation to give employees work that is engaging, motivating and rewarding
  • Balancing the demand for flexible working with the impact on organisational culture
  • Is qualitative research losing out to quantitative among younger researchers? How should the industry attract, engage, develop and retain insight professionals now and into the future?

Round Table 4: Understanding consumers’ TRUE behaviours, not the ones they report

  • Behavioural science has shown us there are a number of influences on decision making and we know consumers post rationalise their actions and decisions – so how do we get beyond this?
  • Ethical considerations of capturing real time insights and passive monitoring
  • Discussing how far researchers can we go with capturing real time data? 


Led by:

Alison Blair, Director, PwC

Karen Hutchinson, Research Manager, PwC

Sam Grew, Insight Consultant, PwC

Sharron Worton, Principal Insight Consultant, PwC


16.25 Building financial capability

Financial capability is a significant issue among UK consumers. This session looks at the extent to which banks are, or should be, building financial capability into their product and service development. Hear how providers are defining financial capability within their organisations, to what extent it’s being considered during product and service development and find out about new products and services which support financial capability.

Alistair Kuechel, Director, IFF Research

Nick Watkins, Head of Insight and Evaluation, Money and Pensions Service


16.50 Access to cash
The payments landscape is changing. As longstanding habits are challenged by new technologies, there are concerns that change might leave some behind. Seeking robust evidence in this contested space, the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) commissioned BritainThinks to conduct mixed-method research to improve understanding of cash use in the UK today.
Examine the findings from this ambitious programme of research with both consumers and small businesses to gain an overview of the cash landscape, understand the reasons behind cash use, and explore options for the future. 
Emily Fu, Research Director, Britain Thinks

17.15 Closing comments from the Chair


17.20 Drinks reception sponsored by Savanta


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