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Healthy Living Conference 2017

Healthy Living Conference 2017

23 February, London

In a nutshell


This event has taken place.

The health, fitness and wellbeing markets are booming and there is an abundance of innovative consumer offerings that promote a healthy lifestyle and claim to improve wellbeing. But with new research indicating that lifestyle illnesses are on the rise and questioning the effectiveness of wearable health apps, what more can be done to engage health conscious consumers, drive behaviour change and deliver on the healthy living agenda?

· Examine e-health technology trends and consumer attitudes

· Evaluate online approaches that are improving the accuracy of reported health behaviours and attitudes

· Explore how to create lasting healthy behaviours and drive lifestyle changes

· Examine the relationship between perception of health risks and healthy behaviours

· How to make health messages resonate with consumers – maximising the impact of packaging, design and nutritional health claims

· Find out who health consumers consider are their trusted advisors and key influencers


Where is the event taking place?

Radisson Blu Edwardian

9-13 Bloomsbury Street

    With thanks to:


    09.00 Registration & coffee

    09.30 Opening comments from the chair

    Richard Owen, Founder & CEO CrowdLab

    Healthy Living Tech & Apps

    09.40 Connected health: A potential game-changer

    Ageing populations, government access policies, patient empowerment and a rise in Western lifestyle diseases have all combined to exert huge pressure on global healthcare. Connected Health has the potential to address these changing dynamics by going “beyond the pill” to provide a holistic offering that improves accessibility and connectivity to the healthcare system.

    But how far away is this utopian world whereconnected health tools and devices enable patients and general consumers to be more actively engaged in, and drive outcomes that improve or maintain, their own health?

    Ipsos Healthcare recently conducted an extensive international study into the usage and uptake of connected health devices and tools. The study asked‘mirror image’ questions of consumers, physicians and patients to ascertain the areas of disagreement and similarity in perceptions around connected health. Hear what they said…

    Reena Sangar, Head of Digital and Connected Health, Ipsos Healthcare

    10.10 Consumer perceptions of wellness & fitness applications
    · Gauging consumer awareness and usage of different categories of fitness apps
    · Drivers and barriers for take–up of different apps
    · Evaluating short to mid-term purchasing intent
    · Measuring perceived benefit and value of apps to consumers
    · Outlining key consumer concerns around using health and fitness apps

    Lee Langford, Research Director, Harris Interactive

    10.40 Trends, technology & tensions: A millennial health & wellness perspective

    · Uncovering the attitudes and behaviours of millennials towards health and wellness in the US, UK, China and Brazil

    · Examining how health and fitness is utterly central to the lives of Millennials and what this means in terms of attitudes and behaviours

    · Exploring the positive and negative perceptions and concerns that millennials hold about health technology

    Richard Owen, Founder & CEO CrowdLab 
    Hannah Mann, Managing Partner, Hall & Partners Healthcare

    11.10 Morning refreshments

    11.30 Panel debate “This house believes that we as humans need to take back control of our health – before technology takes it out of our hands for good”

    This panel debate will look at the impact and effectiveness of digital health apps and wearables for today’s health conscious consumer, and argue if we're giving up too much of our control to revolutionized technology.

    Moderated by: Andy Davidson, Managin Director, Flamingo

    For: Lee Gazey, Managing Director, Flamingo Health

    Against: Paul Tunnah, CEO, Pharmaphorum

    Health Research Methodologies

    12.00 The art of cultivating the ethnographic angle of online communities to uncover health insights

    Explore how General Mills engineers ‘happy accidental’ discoveries through the use of its online communities - turning them into an ethnographic tool particularly efficient at uncovering healthy living trends.

    · Examine three key ways that communities are actively cultivating research serendipity and helping to explore the meanings of healthy living in people’s lives.

    - An incubator for healthy living trend discovery

    - A place for sensitive health-related topics

    - Longitudinal exploration of healthy living behaviours

    Jennifer Arrington-Korek - Senior Director, LRWTonic

    Dereka Lee,Consumer and Market Intelligence Manager - Europe & Australasia,General Mills

    12.30 Lunch

    13.30 A byte to eat: Developing and testing an online dietary recall tool

    Being able to have accurate data on people’s diet enables us to begin to understand the links between diet and a range of health conditions or risk factors, it provides important data on how our diets are changing over time and exactly what food we eat.

    Food Standards Scotland commissioned a project to develop INTAKE24, an online dietary intake tool allowing respondents to provide highly detailed information on the exact food and drink they consumed. This session will examine:

    · Key considerations during the development of INTAKE24

    · How successful the on-line methodology has been across the sub groups in the study

    · What the findings indicate for future developments in dietary research

    Gillian Prior, Research Director, Head of Health & Bio-Medical Surveys, National Centre for Social Research

    Dr Gillian Purdon, Diet and Nutrition Advisor, Food Standards Scotland

    Improving Engagement With Health Consumers

    14.00 Workshop - Challenging assumptions: How to create real and lasting healthy behaviours

    Creating healthy behaviours can be a tricky business for marketers. Developing impactful communications and initiatives to encourage people to eat their 5 a day, to reduce their sugar intake, or to stop smoking is challenging; these are ingrained behaviours that require fresh and clever thinking to tackle. This interactive workshop will:

    · Identify assumptions about health behaviours, and highlight the disconnect between marketers and consumers in a reality check quiz

    · Outline key consumer mindsets and behaviours

    · Examine strategies for effective healthy living engagement through group discussion

    Audrey Anand, Director, Incite

    Hannah Potter, Principal, Incite

    14.40 Decoding design for health at shelf: How pack messaging is choking consumers decision making

    Despite a general desire to make healthier purchasing decisions, consumers can feel barraged with health claims and advice at the shelf and beyond. As a result, they are increasingly creating their own ways to decode this pack information overload. Hear how to help consumers navigate health information on packaging.

    · Combining trends analysis and insight from behavioural economics to identify three consumer coping strategies at the shelf

    · Key must-hear lesson for brands for understanding their customers better

    · Examining ‘best in class’ examples of pack messages that work and those which risk overloading shoppers

    · Looking to the future, how can brands better connect with consumers on an implicit, emotional level?

    Cecilia Sylvan Martin, Research Director, Big Picture

    15.10 Cancer Research case study: Master of my body

    · Exploring how a person’s perception of their risk of getting cancer impacts on their health intentions and behaviour

    · Understanding if a connection to cancer inspires and motivates people to take up health and fitness

    · Do people prefer a fun, interest-based approach to health and fitness, a hard facts approach which outlines the realities of cancer or a mixture of the two?

    · Identifying different consumer typologies and feeding these into Cancer UK’s communication strategy

    Jon Cohen, Managing Partner, Kindling Strategy

    Alex Ho,Consumer Market Research Manager, Cancer Research UK

    15.40 Afternoon refreshments

    16.00 Helping potential runners in England to find their feet

    · Developing an inclusive and attitudinal segmentation of the current and potential running market in England

    · Exploring the various reasons why people exercise and the role that running currently plays within their overall approach to fitness

    · Identifying emotional ‘hooks’ that will help to engage different segments in running

    · Using research findings to align the strategies of England Athletics with key DCMS (Department for Culture, Media & Sport) and Sport England strategies

    Jo Upton, Research Director, Qual, 2CV

    Dan Isherwood, Insight Manager, England Athletics

    16.30 Health check!

    Thirty people across the UK were asked to record themselves on video providing their thoughts and opinions on health. Over 600 hours of footage was gathered and analysed and the insights are fascinating!

    One person’s healthy is definitely another person’s pizza!

    · Exploring the perception of healthiness and what consumers believe is important when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle

    The confused consumer

    · How much do consumers really understand about nutritional claims and what value do they place on them?

    Who is my trusted advisor?

    · Unearthing who consumers believe they can trust, whose advice lacks credibility and who they turn to when they want additional information to make an informed decision

    · Assessing the role of retailers and the expectations that consumers place on them to help them in their quest for a healthy diet and lifestyle

    Jenny Hearne, Head of Thinkers’ Thoughts at Watch Me Think

    17.00 Closing remarks from the Chair

    Richard Owen, Founder & CEO CrowdLab

    17.10 End of conference

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