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Keep up with the changing motivations, behaviours and aspirations of young consumers. Hear from brands that are connecting successfully with this audience by engaging in creative, inclusive, participatory research and embedding the voices of young people at the heart of their strategic decision making.

Attend this event to:

  • Examine best in class methodologies for researching with kids and adolescent
  • Hear kids’ expectations of how brands should address the issues that matter to them
  • Improve brand engagement and marketing ROI to kids and youth audiences
  • Develop your understanding of Generation Alpha
  • Build a diverse new generation of youth researchers
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10.00 Opening comments from the Chair

Dr Barbie Clarke, Founder, Family, Kids & Youth


10.05 Introducing… the class of ’22: building actionable personas using machine learning

The kids, parents & family’ ecosystem continues to change significantly.  In a partnership with leading academics at the Manchester Metropolitan University, The Insights Family are developing a set of Personas, which will enable research, insight & marketing professionals to better understand their shifting target audience.

This session will cover the development of a cutting-edge methodology. It will explore the initial insights derived as a result from the machine learning methodology, with a focus on how organisations can better understand, target and speak to your audience more effectively.

Richard Wainwright, Principal Data Scientist, The Insights Family
Sarah Riding, Senior Research & Trends Director, The Insights Family


10.35 How have young people managed through COVID19

Kids have increasingly turned to online spaces for entertainment and social interaction as the world went in to lockdown due to COVID19 and this was also felt by The LEGO Group on their offerings to kids. A particular feature is the engagement young people have had with events in the world outside their own bubble.  What can we learn from this and how did The LEGO Group react to the changing needs from the global kids audience? Hear from Mikkel Holme, Digital Product Director at The LEGO Group, who will talk with Barbie Clarke about the trends and needs experienced on the LEGO kids platforms over the period of lockdown, and how The LEGO Group are ensuring that their offerings to kids remain relevant, positive and safe.

Dr Barbie Clarke, Founder, Family, Kids & Youth

In conversation with…..

Mikkel Holme, Digital Product Director, The LEGO Group


11.05 Words to wired: how Guinness World Records maintains engagement & relevance in a digital world

Guinness World Records is best known for its record-breaking annual. Maintaining relevance and engagement with young people, in the context of the evolving online and digital landscape, is a key business priority.

This session will explore new research Guinness World Records commissioned within the UK and US to investigate how best to frame print within kids’ media worlds. The research revealed the nuances of its audience, indicating how best to reach and engage younger audiences across multiple touchpoints. Hear how this research has impacted future strategic planning.

Sadie Buckingham, Insight Director, Giraffe Insights
Nicholas Brookes, Head of Marketing, Guinness World Records


11.35 break


11.55 Advancing diversity in youth peer research

The Young Foundation has been pioneering a new inclusive route for young people to become involved in research. Using the government’s Kickstart scheme, it has recruited and trained young people who faced barriers to employment to become peer researchers.

This case study will share lessons learned about working with a diverse group of young researchers, using creative and participatory methods, and a trauma-informed approach to peer research during a global pandemic. Presenters will reflect on the challenges, successes and opportunities for opening up youth research to more inclusive practice.

Chelsea McDonagh, Senior Researcher (Kickstart Manager), The Young Foundation
Victoria Boelman, Director of Research, The Young Foundation
Amelia Clayton, Former Kickstart Peer Researcher, The Young Foundation


12.25 Are Gen Alpha ready to rule the world?

Among marketers using generational cohorts, most focus on Millennials and now increasingly Gen Z. But what about the Alpha generation of 3-10 year olds? How well do their millennial parents really understand what will appeal to them? Which categories should you be marketing to them directly, vs targeting their parents?

Based on results from its online survey with parents and kids from the UK and US, Buzzback will be sharing ideas with the audience on how best to engage Gen Alpha shedding light on their hopes and dreams, interests, must have possessions and sources of influence. How can brands stay relevant and engage this cohort?

Martin Oxley, Managing Director, Buzzback


12.55 lunch


13.40 Video gaming’s shifting influence on British youth

In 2020 and 2021, Ipsos MORI, in collaboration with the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), conducted research on the influence of the pandemic on young people's video gaming habits and attitudes as part of the GameTrack study.

The study focussed on player engagement and behaviours, the shifting role of video gaming, impact and attitudes towards video gaming and mental health and online safety. Hear how this study has helped to evaluate the role that videogaming is playing in the daily lives of kids and youth and how this has changed in the past year.

Nick Cook, Associate Director, Ipsos MORI
Shweta Kulkarni, Communications Director, ISFE


14.10 Best in class methodologies ‘podcast’

In this ‘podcast’ Gary, Nicki & Peter share their favourite projects they have worked on over the past year, discussing why the methodologies worked so well and including lots of tips and tricks on working with kids and youth to get the best from them. In a time of fast big data, they will demonstrate how to navigate kids insights and truly give kids a voice in the content and products they consume.

Nicki Karet, Managing Director & Founder, Sherbert Research
Gary Pope, CEO and co-founder, Kids Industries
Peter Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer, KidsKnowBest


14.40 break


15.00 Optimising the applicant journey at University of the Arts London (UAL)

Despite having a world class reputation, UAL recognises the importance of optimising the applicant journey to ensure student recruitment is efficient and effective and to maximise conversion.

In research that was first of its kind for the sector, YouthSight and UAL built a year-long research programme spanning UAL’s full recruitment cycle, capturing applicant experiences at different points and providing the opportunity for the University to respond dynamically to applicant feedback.

Hear how the longitudinal nature of the research enabled UAL to gauge the impact of actions taken as a result of the insights, and to track sentiment over time, allowing bigger-picture insights to drive further improvements.

Joey Jones, Senior Research Manager, YouthSight
Josephine Hansom, Managing Director, YouthSight


15.30 Youth Trend Spotting: sustainability from the kids’ perspective

KidsKnowBest talks to hundreds of kids in the UK and US every month about what matters to them. Sustainability is a real passion for kids today.

This session will bring kids’ voices to the forefront by exploring how kids talk about sustainability and also how they influence household behaviours. It will examine where kids learn about sustainability and show to what extent media and brands are influencing them. Most importantly for brands, it will reveal what kids want and expect from brands. Hear top tips for engaging with the topic of sustainability in a way that will appeal to kids.

Tom Lea, Trend Forecaster, KidsKnowBest
Helen Lockett, Associate Research Director, KidsKnowBest


16.00 End of conference

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