Media Research 2019 showcases cutting edge insight methodologies being used to reach audiences and to understand the impact of media campaigns.

Hear how research is feeding into better content development, strengthening consumer engagement & trust and uncovering true brand impact across the media mix.

  • Discuss how best to build trust and maximise engagement with key audiences
  • Examine a range of cutting edge techniques being used by Google & Twitter for measuring online marketing effectiveness and brand performance
  • Explore how Sony Pictures Television is embedding an agile consumer co-creation methodology to develop new TV content
  • Gain insights from F1 on the world’s first in-home biometric survey to evaluate and maximise fan engagement during live sport events
  • Hear the BBC’s journey to developing an innovative passive cross media measurement tool delivering holistic insights into audience behaviour
  • Analyse the impact Sky achieved by combining digital ethnography and semiotics to boost content engagement across all of its content touch points

Radisson Blu Edwardian
9-13 Bloomsbury Street,London,WC1B 3QD

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09.00 Registration & coffee


09.30 Opening comments from the Chair
Hannah Walley, Joint Head, Media & Digital UK, Insights Division, Kantar
Hannah co-leads Kantar’s specialist Media & Digital practice and has been part of this team since joining Kantar over 8 years ago. During this time she has worked with a broad range of clients including some of the world’s biggest advertisers, online publishers and media agencies. Hannah has an extensive media and research background including an insights role at Nielsen Online, and corporate ad marketing roles at Hearst Magazines and Trinity Mirror.


09.40 The folly of misunderstanding youth

This session will break down common misconceptions and stereotypes about the 18-24 audience, identifying how brands can best engage them and revealing how this audience wants to engage with the world. Gain insights into which media appeals most to this segment and get to know this audience better by examining their aspirations, influencers, concerns and pressures.

Michael Brown, Head of Insight, UM


10.10 Innovation in passive cross media measurement

The BBC and Ipsos have set up a ground-breaking passive Cross Media Measurement tool (Compass), to provide insights into audience behaviour across all media platforms via a single-source panel. Hear how this pioneering project has evolved and examine the collaborative approach taken to overcome the project challenges. Hear how Compass is becoming increasingly embedded within the BBC’s business.

Jeroen Verspeek, Head of Audience Measurement, BBC

Beckie Goodfield, Senior Director, Head of Media Development, Ipsos


10.40 Experimental marketing

Experimentation is an integral part of Google’s DNA and helping advertisers to apply scientific discipline and rigour to testing new marketing strategies is an essential element. With ever growing media mix complexity and even more complex customer journeys, it is essential for businesses to have robust yet simple mechanisms to measure the impact of their investment. In this session Google will discuss some of the ground breaking methods it is developing to help test what impact online activity brings to its advertisers’ businesses across different channels.

Nadia Sotiropoulou, Measurement & Attribution Specialist, Google


11.10 Morning refreshments


11.40 PANEL - The three grand challenges of measuring online marketing effectiveness

Join leading effectiveness experts to debate the three grand challenges of measuring online marketing effectiveness; proving cause and effect, measuring the long term now and achieving unification.

  • Estimating the true effects of marketing interventions and isolating them from the effects of other factors
  • Using granular data available in the short term, to prove how marketing can deliver returns in weeks, months or years from now
  • Combining the major effectiveness measurement methods, to get a rounded view of the performance of marketing:
  • Should methods like experiments, digital attribution and econometrics be combined for unified measurement?

Chaired by:

Matthew Taylor, Effectiveness Specialist, Google


Akhila Venkitchalam, Consulting Director, Kantar Analytics

Craig Lawrie, Director of Analytics & Technology, IRI

Paul Sturgeon, Head of Modelling and Advertising Effectiveness, Mindshare

Jane Christian, Business Science Director, Mediacom


12.20 Twitter & TV Brand Impact Study

Join Twitter and MTM to explore how they measured the value of running Twitter activity alongside brands’ TV campaigns.  Hear key findings from the study which ran across five different advertising campaigns and demonstrated that combined exposure drove significant double-digit lifts in metrics across the sales funnel, from Awareness to Purchase Intent, compared to TV only exposure. Explore what these findings mean for brands’ teams and budgets.

Sarah White, Associate Director, MTM

Rob Sanders, Senior Research Analyst, Twitter

12.50 Lunch & networking

13.50 Driving viewer engagement: developing a merchandising framework for the rules of imagery and copy on the Sky Q

Hear how Sky’s Content Engagement team is using an original two layered methodology approach of blending digital ethnography and semiotics to establish best-in-class principles for use of imagery and synopsis across all of Sky’s content touch points. Examine how these deeper, subconscious findings are helping to convert content browsers into content viewers.

Ed Nash, Qualitative Research Controller, Sky

Emma Bennett, Qualitative Research Manager, Sky


14.20 Developing an audience crowdsourcing framework

Examine how a novel ‘Audience Crowdsourcing Framework’ research methodology has enabled agile consumer co-creation of new TV content for Sony Pictures Television (SPT). In this innovative study consumers were involved in a series of projective tasks as well as being asked to ‘pitch’ their own ideas and vote on other participants’ ideas for a new entertainment show. Examine how this consumer-based evidence was used to support the show’s rationale and fine tune the initial concept. Hear how this versatile methodology provided a strong competitive advantage in the pitching process and can inform a framework for future co-creation projects with SPT.

Rebecca Munns, Junior Research Consultant, Insites Consulting

Nick Dainty, Consumer Insight EMEA, Senior Manager, Sony


14.50 Formula 1 case study: winning hearts and minds with biometrics

Populus has successfully carried out the world’s first in-home biometric survey for a live sports event to understand, evaluate and maximise fan engagement during live race viewing for Formula 1 (F1). In this session Populus and F1 will share learnings on real world applications and outcomes of biometrics in surveys and present these significant learnings for any industry that relies on audience engagement.

Ian Bramley, Deputy Managing Director, Populus

Gregory Morris, Senior Brand Research Manager, F1


15.20 Afternoon refreshments


15.50 Measuring inattention not attention should be advertisers’ focus
Attention is an important variable in advertising’s success, but it is poorly understood and rarely measured directly by marketers. This innovative new research project led by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and MediaScience in partnership with Google sought to validate several behavioural measures of attention and identify 'best-in-class' signatures of attention paid to video content.  Measures spanned EEG, heart rate, skin conductance, eye tracking, and facial expression. This research lays the foundation for understanding how we might plan for and measure attention to advertising at scale, with the ultimate aim of improving campaign performance.

Dr Virginia Beal, Senior Marketing Scientist, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Dr Duane Varan, CEO, MediaScience


16.20 Panel session: declining trust

The narrative of the moment is that trust in media, brands and institutions is declining but is trust really declining, how can we tell and what can we do about it? Join panelists to discuss trust, perceptions and measurement.

  • Is consumer trust in media, brands and institutions really declining?
  • How are we measuring trust?
  • Discussing how today’s consumers are choosing who and what to trust
  • Future gazing: how will future tech trends influence trust going forward?
  • How insight can help brands re-build trust and reconnect with audiences and consumers

Chair: Hannah Walley, Joint Head, Media & Digital UK, Insights Division, Kantar


Andrew TenzerDirector of Group InsightReach plc

Sophie Harding, Trends & Insights Director, Mindshare


17.00 Closing comments from the Chair

17.10 Drinks reception sponsored by Dynata

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