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Methodology in Context 2017

Methodology in Context 2017

Thursday 23 November 2017

In a nutshell


This event has taken place.


Now in its third year, this conference is an invaluable fixture for insight professionals who have a passion for the big picture and the finer detail.

Methodology in Context 2017 is the conference for anyone who wants to examine the genesis, practice and implications of methodologies that generate valuable consumer and citizen insight. You’ll be offered a view of a methodological landscape that is kaleidoscopic, challenging and fast-moving.

What has driven the creation of a range of new dynamic and creative methodologies? How do those methodologies work? And how can we address the challenges that these approaches present?

Research professionals, from some of the most resourceful and creative insight agencies, offer you a balanced view of the demands being made of them, the work they undertake and the implications for consumers, citizens and the insight business.

You will have the time and space to examine some of the profound strategic and technical issues facing us all. Methodology in Context will bolster your methodological armoury with fresh solutions.

Topics for 2017 include:
  • Wielding semiotic evaluation at scale
  • Unlocking the power of sensory-generated insights
  • A new approach for personality testing
  • The power of mobile ethnography
  • Tools for successful message evaluation
  • Boosting engagement on low-engagement topics
  • The value of considering externalities in research
  • The challenge and benefit of reflecting the gender spectrum
  • Footfall analysis and the new retail landscape
  • Round table debate on the challenges of creating rigourous and lasting modern methodologies.
What you get:
  • Highly-respected and eloquent speakers offer a detailed and provocative view on the methodological challenges we face.
  • Full interactivity throughout the day, allowing you to challenge, question and network with speakers.
  • Practical ideas and techniques that can be applied in your own workplace
  • No sales pitches.

Radisson Blu Edwardian

9-13 Bloomsbury Street


    9.20 Registration & coffee

    9.50 Opening remarks from the Chair

    Marc Brenner, Conference Chair and Former Editor, Research

    10.00 Re-imagining personality tests for commercial market research

    Have you ever tried using personality tests in a piece of research, only to find they deliver poorly differentiated and often confusing data? This presentation explores how to create more effective personality tests for commercial market research by redesigning them to be more relevant, purposeful and engaging.

    Jon Puleston, Vice President Innovation, Lightspeed Research

    10.30 Semiotics at scale: interpreting user-generated content

    This presentation shows a way to make meaningful sense of the photos that everyday people post on social media. Using a blend of semiotics, image recognition and machine learning we cluster and filter the content people share to understand how they connect with culture, brands and the world around them.

    Hazel Barkworth, Cultural Insight Project Director, Kantar Added Value

    11.00 Morning refreshments & networking

    11.20 Mobile video: transforming our ability to understand behavior

    The mighty chasm between what we think we do and what we really do has always presented a challenge for market research. This presentation demonstrates how mobile video can help ensure understanding and insight is built on rock solid behavioural foundations and the difference this can make for governments, charities and brands alike.

    Jon Cohen, Managing Partner, Kindling Strategy

    11.50 Consumers still vote with their feet: understanding bricks and mortar customer activity

    Despite the exponential growth in the internet, bricks and mortar stores still drive 85% of all retail spending. Inevitably, understanding activity patterns of shoppers within retail destinations remains a key part of the trading puzzle, delivering true insight on the current and emerging trading landscape.

    Diane Wehrle, Marketing and Insights Director, Springboard Research

    12.20 The power of externalities: what a mountain climber understands about business that your CEO doesn’t

    Earlier this year Flamingo was asked to identify proven strategies for coping with uncertainty on behalf of DDB worldwide. A Mountaineer, Meteorologist and a Macedonian Journalist taught us more about business strategy than 15 C-suite business leaders. Why is this? And why are clients so reluctant to go ‘sideways’?

    Andy Davidson, Chief Strategy Officer, Flamingo

    12.50 Lunch & networking

    14.00 Engaging respondents in low engagement issues: what to do when your participants would rather watch paint dry…

    We all want to research fantastically interesting issues, but often it’s the issues which people engage with the least which are most important for making business decisions. Drawing on work in the utilities sector, financial services, and researching complex processes and policy issues (how we laughed when we got the brief to engage the public for 2 full days on ‘the future of auditing’!), we will set out techniques for engaging people in issues they don’t commonly think or care about to get the insights you need.

    Cordelia Hay, Research Director, BritainThinks

    14.30 Making yourself heard: pre-evaluating policy and campaign messaging

    How can you ensure that your message is primed to cut through? We’ll introduce you to a methodology aimed at decision-makers and communications experts who need to understand at an early stage in the development process whether or not their concept has the potential to effect behavioural or attitudinal change.

    Martin Boon, Director, ICM Research

    15:00 Afternoon refreshments & networking

    15.30 Unlocking the power of sensory: leveraging sensory and behavioural insights to supercharge innovation

    Many products fail because not enough attention is paid to creating a truly seamless experience. We’ll show you how sensory and behavioural insights can guide early stage innovation. You’ll discover how to identify non-conscious multi-sensory cues and how a 360° sensory and behavioural understanding of brand, pack and product can create more powerful propositions.

    Sian Davies, Founder, The Behavioural Architects

    16.00 Reflecting the gender spectrum: how to move beyond the binary in quantitative research

    Societal attitudes and understandings of gender have changed massively in the last decade. As researchers, how should we approach increasing diversity? This session shares learning from our decision at nfpSynergy to change how we record gender in our surveys, and why we feel this represents not only ethical research but also best practice.

    Anna Wates, Researcher, nfpSynergy

    16.30 Methodology: State of the Nation debate

    As well as responding to today’s presentations, the panel will consider the pressures, challenges and opportunities for those building and using today’s research methodologies. How can the insight community continue to champion rigour, relevance, effectiveness and quality in a fast changing, and ever-demanding, marketplace?

    Chair: Peter Mouncey, Editor In Chief, International Journal of Market Research (IJMR)


    Corinne Moy, Global Director of Marketing Science, GfK

    Nick North, Director of Audiences, BBC

    Katherine Page, Technical Consultant, Route & AMP

    17.00 Closing remarks from the Chair

    17.10 End of conference

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