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MRS Customer Summit 2017

MRS Customer Summit 2017

10 Revealing Insights into the Modern Customer

Thursday 2 November 2017

In a nutshell


This event has taken place.


Navigating the needs of the modern customer has never been more challenging. Customers are savvier, more empowered, and more choice-saturated than ever. In order to satisfy them, we have to understand them. We have to identify changing behaviours and anticipate further change. 

This brand new conference will lay out a compelling series of trends that leading brands have identified among their customer base. Driven by powerful insight, these trends will cast light on the modern customer.

This event brings together leading brands that will lay bare the trends driving demand within their own businesses. They will show you the shape of change, the actions they are taking to rise to challenges set, and cast an eye toward the future in a bid to anticipate the changes to come.


You’ll learn:

  • How the changed expectations and behaviours of 'post-digital' customers have forever altered the way in which customers are willing to build relationships with brands. Exclusive preview of new research by Quadrangle reveals the new 'rules of engagement'.   
  • How a growing hunger for ‘me time’ is helping to craft TfL strategy and what that means for the future of travel.
  • How younger consumers are shunning sexual and gender labels and what this means for those in the sexual health business.
  • How customers want a sense of serendipity in online transactions and how that works for retailers and communicators.
  • How low-income families are changing the way they deal with their finances and what that means for the insight profession.
  • How brand mistrust is rife beyond London, and what that means for companies which want to strike a closer relationship with customers.
  • How customers are being attracted to robo-advice – and what this means to the financial services industry.
  • How social media habits are changing – and what that means to the BBC Media Action
  • How there is rising scepticism regarding healthy eating advice – and that this means to the supermarkets.


Who is the conference for?

  • Marketing managers and directors who want to tap into the latest customer intelligence across a wide range of sectors.
  • Clientside insight teams who want to help their organisations effect meaningful change through deeper customer understanding.
  • Insight directors from agencies who want to understand what’s driving customer and stakeholder demand.

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    We are a customer consultancy: we help brands create, deliver, measure and improve all aspects of customer strategy.

    For this, we draw on Quadrangle’s unique experience across 30 years in brand marketing, strategy consulting, customer insight and data analytics.

    Our aim is always to help our clients understand their customers better than anyone else.


    Because customers create value.


    9.15 Registration and coffee

    9.50 Opening comments from the Chair

    Marc Brenner, Former editor, Research magazine

    10.00 The ‘Don’t Label Me’ Generation

    Durex has discovered that younger consumers are ever more sensitive to being labelled, in terms of relationship status, sexual preference, or even gender identity. They're also getting more liberated to express themselves sexually, which comes with upsides, but has also come with some risky behaviours. Importantly from a brand perspective, they’re also looking for brands that reflect a similar tonality that is in line with their views. It’s a presentation that exposes how youth consumers are looking for brands to respond to their needs and engage with them.

    Adam Conley, Global Consumer & Market Insights Senior Manager, RB (Reckitt Benckiser)

    10.30 Exclusive preview of major new research on ‘post-digital customers’ and how brands can respond

    Featuring findings from brand new research being shared for the first time, this session will examine the expectations, attitudes and behaviours of ‘post-digital customers’; looking at how changes in the ‘rules’ of engagement’ have forever altered the basis on which customers want (and are willing) to build relationships with brands, and pointing to the ways in which brands can respond.

    Ben Skelton, Managing Partner, Quadrangle

    11.00 Morning Refreshments & networking

    11.20 Pop goes the filter bubble: a fresh hunger for serendipity

    Newsworks and the7stars have identified a desire for far more serendipity, for enjoyable and safe brand discovery online. It is the antithesis of the rush to personalisation and narrow targeting that has been encouraged by big data, programmatic and short-termism. They discovered the trend while researching the impact of cookies and algorithms on the consumer browsing experience. The majority of consumers are unaware of the algorithms, but rejection of narrow targeting is increasing. The challenge for brands is to re-define relevance from a consumer point of view and provide more serendipitous moments online.

    Helen Rose, head of insight, the7stars

    Rupert Medler, insight executive, Newsworks

    11.50 Beyond London: A growing mistrust of brands

    Through it's own independent research, Trinity Mirror discovered how an on-going shift in the nation’s mind-set is having big implications for brands and advertising. This new world view is contributing to brands and advertising losing relevance outside London, and they face a significant challenge to re-connect with and win back the trust of customers. Half the population consider brands to be part of the ‘Establishment’ – and the establishment isn’t very popular!

    Andrew Tenzer, head of group insight, Trinity Mirror

    12.20 The Rise of the ‘Me Time’ Commuter

    Transport for London has identified a growing hunger for ‘me time’ among its customer base. Yes, customers want to get to places faster, but they also value the time they have to work, think and even dream. This truth is having a profound implication on the way that TfL positions its offering. It’s a presentation of value to anyone has a ‘captive audience’ for any amount of time.

    Ian Pring, customer insight manager, TfL

    12.50 Lunch & networking

    14.10 Debate: Customer change and strategic responses

    Chair: Tim Phillips


    Alison Camps, Deputy Chairman, Quadrangle

    Richard Ellwood, head of audience strategy, EMEA, The Walt Disney Company

    Faye Banks, Senior Manager - Strategy - Group Brands & Marketing, Lloyds Banking Group

    Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive, MRS

    15.00 Afternoon refreshments & networking

    15.20 A growing desire for robo-advice

    Deloitte UK's financial services research team identified a trend for customers to increasingly use online sources of information and advice (‘robo-advice’) to make financial decisions. Through research and expert interviews, the team discovered that many customers would be willing to use such sources across a broad range of decisions – from picking a mortgage to deciding where to invest. What does this mean for the financial services business and beyond?

    Peter Evans, financial services research, Deloitte UK

    15.50 International social media trends

    Around the world, growing numbers of people have access to the internet. In Nigeria, over half of people now use the internet, and in Myanmar, mobile phone usage has increased from 12% in 2013 to around 80% now, with the majority of people using smartphones. So what does this sudden access to internet and the use of social media mean? How are people using it and how do they trust it? BBC Media Action will present five trends in social media usage from around the world and show what this means for future work.

    Sonia Whitehead, head of research programmes, BBC Media Action

    16.20 How low income families are budgeting differently and redefining the essentials

    The Clarion Housing Group identified a polarisation in the way their residents are managing financially. In this fascinating study, we’ll discover how our preconceptions of the way in which lower income groups manage their money need to be revisited. It will also require an adjustment in the way that we survey and communicate with this socio-demographic group.

    Kathy Ellis, customer insight manager, Clarion Housing Group

    16.50 Closing remarks

    17.00 Drinks reception

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