An MRS Intelligence Summit.


When it comes to establishing a positive social media presence, many companies lumber in and hope for the best. The successful companies know that valuable insight, respect and care are required to build a reputation. 

This one-day conference has been designed to offer you an inspirational and practical view of the ingredients required for effective interaction with customers, stakeholders and even employees.

This is a conference that will offer research agencies and clients a road map to profitable conversation. You’ll hear from social media entrepreneurs, digital experts, chief executives officers, campaign managers and social media influencers.

It’s a must-attend event for anyone who wants to build, monitor and engage an audience.

New: practical workshops
Powerful co-creation techniques • Deploying social media in the workplace • Effective social media listening

Ensure relevance - Mumsnet
Growing, nurturing and engaging a valuable online community

Stimulate activity - Nationwide
Generating compelling content that drives conversations

Safeguard reputation
How to identify and avoid significant social media storms

Harness big data
Develop a new, data-driven framework for social media monitoring

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MRS Intelligence Summits are an information-rich series of one-day business conferences that help research business professionals interpret fast-moving sectors and practices and power creative approaches to their work.These events bring illuminating case-studies, expert keynotes, provocative debate and valuable lessons from other industries that will help businesses sharpen their commercial edge.

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