Fresh insight methodologies for new business conundrums

  • Blend MR with other data sources to deliver complete B2B insights
  • Examine new consumer methodologies that are making an impact in the B2B space
  • Develop a new mindset for understanding and engaging better with B2B respondents
  • Meet the insight needs of global organisations serving multiple audiences and markets
  • Underpin your B2B communications with robust insight to drive better results

The Future of B2B Research will showcase some superb examples of how businesses are using innovative research methodologies to deliver exceptional business insights. Explore new approaches to delivering strategic and tactical insights to power better business decision making. Find solutions to some of the age old issues associated with B2B research.

Hear research journeys from Colt Technology Services, Shell, Fujitsu, BT, Brother, Natwest and many more.


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9-13 Bloomsbury Street,London,WC1B 3QD

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09.00 Registration & coffee


09.30 Opening remarks from the Chair

Richard Young, Journalist


09.35 Welcome from the MRS

Phyllis Macfarlane, Chair, MRS Board


-----Innovation In B2B Research-----


09.40 Building a global B2B customer intelligence programme

Colt Technology Services (Colt) is broadening its customer intelligence programme from focusing largely on customer measures (NPS) to a wider and more inclusive programme of work that incorporates the views of customers and colleague insights. This presentation will highlight the fast-changing face of global B2B customer intelligence and exciting new areas of insight generation for Colt.

  • How Colt is combining business data and customer data
  • Examining the emerging impact of machine learning on framing and strengthening analysis
  • Evaluating the continued role and relevance of customer interviews
  • Understanding the critical role of global colleague inspired intelligence

 Noah Roychowdhury, Global Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt Technology Services


10.10 Panel discussion: beyond research data

The 2018 edition of the British Research Barometer found that ‘integration of research with other data sources’ was an area of great importance for the industry but revealed that very limited progress is currently being made towards achieving data source integration as a reality. Join panellists as they discuss the benefits and unpick the challenges of integrating B2B research data with other business data sources.

  • Discussing examples of where this integration has been successful and has led to business impact and the lessons researchers can learn from this
  • What are the main challenges holding progress back and what agencies can do to help support their clients to overcome these
  • To what extent is GDPR impacting B2B data source integration initiatives?

Chaired by:

Graeme Cade, SVP, Savanta


Preriit Souda, Director Data Science & Strategic Insights, PSA Consultants

Caroline Dieleman, Director of Analytics, Savanta

Simon Metcalfe, Founder and Managing Consultant, sdm Insight


10.50 Sponsor address from BIG Ltd


11.00 Morning refreshments


11.30 Using consumer methodologies to bring shell closer to its world-wide B2B customers

 In 2018, Shell commissioned BAMM to help elevate its service proposition to its one million plus B2B customers. The challenge was not only to develop global, multi-market understanding across 5 different industrial sectors, but to embed the insight into the business and shift Shell’s thinking about its B2B audience from a supplier relationship to a partnership model.

Film, photography and depth interviews were combined to explore over 50 businesses from the ground up, engaging with senior management and operational staff. A segmentation was developed based on the deep-rooted drivers and organisational culture that underpin its strategic priorities and the findings were presented to 40 senior stakeholders from all around the world in a full day workshop. Hear how this research has been embedded and adopted across all of Shell’s local market teams.

Ed Garey, Managing Director, BAMM

Michelle Hixson, Insight Manager, Shell


12.00 Mobile videography: bringing business printing to life

As businesses become more digital and increasingly paperless, business demands for printing are stalling. With this in mind Brother embraced participant-led mobile videography research to understand the changing workflows and needs of its product users. By combining traditional qual and quant research with mobile, ‘vox-pop style’ diaries, Brother has gained raw insights into the workflows of modern businesses, the evolving role of the printer, and un-met user needs.

Hear how these insights been invaluable for guiding product development across two key lines and how video diaries excerpts from highly engaged participants have also proved a great hit in inspiring senior internal audiences.

Graeme Cade, SVP, Savanta

Joanne Pilkington, Senior Customer Insight Analyst, Brother



12.30 Strategically embedding the voice of B2B customers at the heart of Fujitsu’s corporate operations

Watermelon and Fujitsu have worked in close partnership since 2014 on a Voice of the Customer programme to help the organisation understand and improve their business relationships and profitability with the most strategically important corporate customers.

  • Examining the qualitative deep-dive methodology employed
  • Comparing the value of the tactical and strategic insights uncovered
  • Uncovering common B2B themes and issues that affect the whole organisation
  • Engaging senior leaders to maximise impact of B2B strategic insight and building longevity of insight impact

Sinead Jefferies, Consultant, Watermelon Research

Ian Hunter, Head of EMEIA Marketing, Fujitsu


13.00 Lunch


-----Engagement & Emotion In B2B Research-----


14.10 In conversation with: Busting the myths around qualitative B2B engagement

Join Paul Hudson in conversation with two B2B clients to discuss and challenge the premise that B2B participants are difficult to engage in research. Speakers will discuss a range of alternate approaches for attracting, engaging and rewarding B2B research participants that are proving effective.

Paul Hudson, CEO, FlexMR

Peter Manning, Marketing Manager, Sika

Dan Hopper, Head of Insight, Proagrica - RBI


-----Insight Led B2B Communications-----


14.50 Building, positioning and launching insight led propositions for SMEs

Broadband is the life-blood of modern business and the threat of possible broadband outage carries significant risk. BT wanted to offer business customers a wireless failover option for if and when their broadband ever dropped, and teamed up with Populus to test SMEs’ attitudes to price points and product perceptions to inform product development and positioning.

This research highlights the changing needs of the UK’s broadband-reliant workforce and follows the insight journey that supported the launch of the UK’s first and only broadband offer that automatically switches to 4G in the event of broadband failure.

Gary Muncaster, Managing Director, Populus

Tom Byrd, Head of Commercial Insight – Enterprise, BT


15.20 Afternoon refreshments


15.40 Building business communities to improve the communication of Open Banking to businesses

Customer expectations of banks are ever-increasing. Banks now have to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google, John Lewis, along with FinTechs, in terms of customer experience. Existing literature focuses on the consumer experience with little reference to businesses. To this end, Natwest partnered with Illuminas and set-up a business community, ensuring a deliberative approach, engaging in on-going dialogue with businesses as Open Banking services are rolled out.

This paper highlights a number of challenges facing banks in delivering a digitally connected ecosystem, that offers both core financial and adjacent services. It concludes by challenging the way in which Open Banking has been communicated to businesses to date.

Julian Adams, Director, Illuminas

Zoe Willment, Insight Lead, Natwest



16.10 Panel discussion: Powering B2B brand activism

Brand purpose. Heralded as fundamental to the success of brands and business alike, it has become agencies go-to-explanation of what companies need to aim for, communicate and action. But in 2019, simply articulating your purpose, your reason to exist beyond making a profit is no longer enough.

Join panellists to explore what brand activism can really mean for B2B brands, the opportunities and risks it presents for employee, customer and prospect engagement, best-in-class examples of B2B brand activism and how regardless of business size or type we can implement small changes to drive lasting change.


Chaired by

Emily Dickinson, Director, Opinium


David Payne, Head of Direct Marketing, IPA (The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising)

John Foster, Director of Campaigns, CBI

Speaker TBC


16.50 Closing comments from the Chair


17.00 Drinks reception sponsored by Dynata

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