5 November 2014 • London

Time: 12.00-5.30pm

Explore the power of persuasion

The insight world’s hottest event is back. You will not want to miss this daring exploration into the power of image and language. It is an event for anyone who is involved in creating or feeding into persuasive communications that influence consumers.

As ever with the Creativity Lab, come prepared to work, discuss and learn. We’ve a truly inspiring line-up of speakers. Join them for an afternoon of deep-dive delight.

You will meet:

the advertising creative behind campaigns for Mercedes, Citroen, Co-Op and others on the persuasive power of language and image.

Meet Will Awdry, creative partner at Ogilvy

the former head of covert operations, hostage negotiator and national lead for crime and intelligence at the London 2012 Olympics will showcase high stakes persuasion techniques

Meet Kevin O’Leary, co-founder at High Stakes Persuasion

the magician and PhD student who will help you understand how conjuring relies on persuasion and psychology

Meet Robert Teszka, PhD student at Goldsmiths, University of London

the psychologist who will pull back the curtain on the art of the con

Meet Dr David Holmes, Leading UK Psychologist, Author of 'Abnormal Clinical & Forensic Psychology'

What is The Creativity Lab?

It’s time to leave your safety zone and join MRS as we unleash the power of The Creativity Lab. This is the latest in a series of events that gives you rare access to leading creative professionals. Their techniques, advice and experience will help to power your own work and expand your horizons.

It’s an event that will enrich your business, enhance your staff’s skills and expand your business offering to clients.

It’s an event like no other.

Who is it for?

It doesn’t matter if you’re qual or quant, agency or client, junior or senior – the future demands adaptable, creative research professionals. This event will help that demand.

It’s an event designed for forward thinking business owners and their staff. It’s an event for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their offering to clients.

What can I expect?

You’ll participate in a series of provocative workshops, conversations and experiments and you’ll emerge a more enlightened and creative individual. If you’re the sort of person who likes to sit on the sidelines and play things passively – this might not be the event for you.

What do I get out of it?

You’ll understand how to apply daringly creative techniques to your own work. You’ll meet some of the most inspiring and fêted creatives working today. You’ll network with like-minded, forward-thinking professionals.

You and your staff will emerge better equipped to meet client’s creative and commercial demands.


“Nothing is ever real till it is experienced”

John Keat


The Crypt on the Green, St James Clerkenwell
Clerkenwell Close,London,EC1R 0EA

More details of the venue can be found at their website. Visit it here.

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