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Healthcare Research Conference.

Healthcare Research Conference.

An MRS Intelligence Summit

Strategies for ethical, effective and lasting improvements in care



This event has taken place.

This year, the provision and quality of healthcare services has been in the media spotlight. Issues of trust, competence and management have been highlighted.

Research methods used by big pharma have also been scrutinised and the debate over the future form of healthcare market research continues.

This summit will look at the challenges facing healthcare researchers and will showcase examples of research that maintains best practice, provides essential feedback on the quality of services and ensures that patients’ needs are kept at the heart of research.
  • A place for big data
     - What are the chief  hurdles and considerations in using big data as  a tool for NPD, service provision and planning?
  • Clean bill of health
  •  - With ethics under more scrutiny than ever,how can research ensure that it remains transparent and remains within regulation?
  • A better NHS
  •  - How is research helping to make a positive and quanitifable difference to patient experience, service delivery and decision making?
  • The patient experience
  •  - How can social media help give voice to how patients feel about their illness and how they connect with pharmaceutical brands?

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Where is the event taking place?

BMA House

Tavistock Square

    With thanks to:


    09.00 Registration & Coffee  

    09.30 Opening Comments from the Chair

    Rachel Medcalf, Managing Director, Adelphi Research UK

    09.40 SESSION 1: Shaping Health Services Through Listening to Consumers

    · Shaping future planning and provision using A&E surveys

    · Using focus groups as part of the research mix to support and inform commission decisions 

    · Driving consumer engagement with the Health and Well Being Board and driving through public campaigns

    Jan Sensier, Chief ExecutiveEngaging Communities Staffordshire

    10.15 SESSION 2: GSK And Insight Communities: Making A Lasting Impression

    GSK Consumer Healthcare’s Health Hub explores three global consumer healthcare categories across six key markets.

    · Examining how GSK Consumer Healthcare uses its online community to supercharge innovation, communication and strategy

    · Elevating the role of consumers in setting the business agenda for GSK Healthcare

    · Uncovering emerging trends to understand what healthcare consumers want in the short, medium and longer term

    · Overlaying cultural and contextual understanding to add additional meaning to the community’s content

    Carole Herpin, Join the Dots

    Jo Stanbridge, Senior Insight Manager Oral Health, GSK

    10.50 Morning refreshments

    11.25 SESSION 3: Incentive Payments In The Spotlight

    · Debating the opportunities and challenges for researchers presented by the increasing regulatory commitment towards transparency and anti-bribery

    · Assessing the impact recent events will have on disclosure laws, research incentives and physician research

    - introduction of the French Sunshine Act (Loi Bertrand)

    - big pharma bribery scandals

    · Setting out guidelines and best practices for incentive payments for physicians

    · Debating the future for the market research industry in light of bribery allegations, data protection and payment transparency

    · Looking for alternative approaches to incentives to encourage responder participation

    Jessica Santos, Global Compliance Director, Kantar Health

    12.00 SESSION 4:Securing The Future Of Market Research With Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

    • Examining different approaches to motivating HCP’s participation in market research:

    - incentivisation

    - soft motivators

    - other forms of engagement

    • Debating how to avoid attrition:

    - improving survey content

    - eliminating poor respondent experiences

    - reducing compliance pitfalls

    • Looking towards the future and understanding how market research needs to adapt to survive:

    - deep profiling and targeting

    - faster, better, cheaper

    - required industry solutions

    Neil Phillips, VP, Quality, Panel Management and Compliance, WorldOne

    12.25 Lunch

    13.55 SESSION 5: Does Social Media Matter To Patients And Should Pharmaceutical Marketers Care

    Pharmaceutical marketing is still in its infancy when it comes to patient-focused social and digital media strategies. Most direct-to-patient efforts still tend to utilize traditional media such as TV or print and attempts to participate in digital or social media are usually characterized by simply adapting TV or prints ads, often in their original form, to a digital channel. This is lost opportunity for making a difference to patients’ lives in a meaningful way. This session will look at:

    · Developing a new framework for evaluating how patients connect with brands and how patients experience their disease

    · Examining how patients think, feel, communicate and act at different points in their experience cycle and how they are influenced and impacted at different times

    · Determining the impact of social media at each phase of patient experience

    · Developing key recommendations on:

    - how marketers can utilize social media to impact patient experience of disease and brand, beyond simple advertisements

    - how marketers can better tailor their social media initiatives by patient subgroups and patient experience phase

    Soumya Roy, PhD, Managing Partner, Hall and Partners Health

    Andrew Nelson, Brand Insight Consultant, Precise

    14.30 SESSION 6: The Body Volume Index - Creative Collaboration To Deliver Obesity Measurement For The 21st Century

    Obesity is measured worldwide using the Body Mass Index (BMI), using only height and weight. Developed in 1830, BMI has in recent years been subject to analysis and substantive doubt as to its validity as a measurement of health risk for an individual. In 2007 Select Research coordinated an international research programme to develop a 3D obesity measurement – the Body Volume Index (BVI) as a potential replacement for BMI. Collaborators include Mayo Clinic, the Medical Research Council. the NHS and various policy and healthcare bodies including NICE. This session will focus on:

    · Using qualitative, quantitative and clinical trials to explore the limitations of BMI

    · Exploring the research backed creative development behind the development of BVI

    · Developing an online BVI system for to meet the needs of the NHS

    · Developing a BVI app

    Richard Barnes, Managing Director, Select Research

    Professor Jimmy Bell, Medical Research Council

    15.05 Afternoon refreshments

    15.30 SESSION 7: Using Ethnography To Improve the Patient Experience In The NHS

    · Using ethnography to support evidence based decision making in the NHS by:

    · Bringing together ethnographic, observational and quantitative insights to build a complete picture of the patient experience

    · Using research to uncover new insights, evidence improvements and demonstrate impact to key stakeholders

    Victoria Guyatt, Deputy Head of Ethnography, Ethnography Centre of Excellence, Ipsos MORI

    16.05 SESSION 8: Pharma NPD / Brand Rejuvenation

    Re-energising an established brand can be difficult. During this session we’ll explore

    ·A real life prostate cancer case study of a recent brand rejuvenation project: the pitfalls and ways to make it work for both agency and client

    ·How aligning internal stakeholders through simple research can lead to an increase in sales, years after launching

    Anthony Rowbottom,  Branding Science

    Sofia Fionda, Branding Science

    16.40 Closing remarks from the chair

    16.50 End of conference

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