BBC presenter LJ Rich takes a fascinating tour into the world of Artificial Intelligence. This &more event is a must-attend for the tech savvy, future-gazing researcher.

LJ Rich delves into the weird world of artificial intelligence

BBC presenter, social media guru and future thinker LJ Rich takes &more on a fascinating tour of the world of AI and future technologies - and how they are changing our world in both weird and wonderful ways. 

This event is a must attend for the tech savvy, future gazing young researcher to understand how AI is the next step change in our lifetimes. Like the scene from a sci-fi movie, AI will physically connect us with our loved ones and animals while thousands of miles from home as well enable us to have ‘meaningful’ relationships with robots.

Funny, intelligent and informed LJ Rich gives an erudite view of our world today and in the not-too-distant tech-total future.

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Attend this event for:

  • The new entertainment - How social media has changed our concept of entertainment and why live streaming of people stroking cats now command huge followings
  • Always on digital – how connectivity has become new norm as the background noise to our lives
  • The weird and wonderful world of AI - From scratching cats, sensory drone flying, controlling our own homes, with AI understanding what we need and making orders automatically on our behalf
  • A new type of relationship – How AI will start prompting us to make buying decisions, go to bed at the right time and check in on what we need.
  • What’s in the future – with small children believing that invisible people control their homes, will robots become our friends or our enemies? Is AI destined to change our world more than social media ever has?

Demospace, Urban Innovation Centre, One Sekforde Street, ,London ,EC1R 0BE

LJ Rich is a presenter, writer, musician and self-confessed geek. Best known for her role covering social media trends and gadgets on BBC News’ Click programme, Radio 5 Live and the Today programme, LJ started life as a musician though quickly developed a taste for music technology. She worked as a touring musician for Pete Waterman before moving into TV. Along with her work in front of the camera, LJ also runs her own music production company and occasionally writes restaurant reviews.

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