Add your voice to a celebration of 75 years of the MRS!

To celebrate 75 years of the MRS, the AMSR (the Archive of Market and Social Research) are producing an eBook, with the working title ‘Cultural Landmarks: how have we changed in 75 years’.

They are inviting &more members to contribute to this book, by submitting companion thought pieces on 3 selected topics, based on existing articles held within the archive

The winning articles in each topic will be published in the eBook early 2021, which will be publicised both through the AMSR celebration events, as well as through the MRS website. For each topic there will be two “runner up” articles, which will also be published on the &More area of the MRS Website.

To find out more on the requested topics and on how to contribute and submit your piece, click on the link below with the full brief.

Good luck – we look forward reading your entries and adding your “future voice” to our celebration of the past 75 years.

ASMR Competition Full Brief PDF

Submit entries to:

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