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Shining a spotlight on all we do and all of us.

Step up to the stage as the &more Conference moves into its fourth inspiring year, giving a platform to young researchers and showcasing their skills, achievements and excellence.

This year we are celebrating all young researchers do to push the industry forward and make it better and brighter. Those inspirational ideas, fantastic pieces of research and super skills that make young researchers the stars, not just of the future, but of right now.

We’re also building on the achievements of this year and looking ahead. How can we make research more inclusive and a career that is open to all? What would the ideal future industry look like and how can we get there?

Now it’s time for &more members, and those who manage and mentor them, to take to our virtual stage and share their visions of success.

Your submission could be:

A 30-minute case study – present research from the last year where innovative methodologies have been used, outcomes have been notable, and the audience will be left excited by your story.

A No slides panel debate - suggest a strategic or methodological panel discussion.

A 30-minute showcase - share your tips on career development for young researchers, or how the industry can be shaped by young researchers in the future.

A quick note on our selection criteria:

We are open to receiving submissions from everybody – not just &more members, and you do not need to meet the &more criteria. The audience will however be &more members (anyone who is under 30 or has been in the industry for less than 5 years).

With a limited number of sessions available, we give priority to &more members/young researchers, new hot-off-the-press research and projects using pioneering research techniques.

Please submit a brief synopsis (approx. 200 words) for consideration, by Friday 1st July 2022, to 

The conference will take place online on 6th October 2022.

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