Join MRS Fellow Phyllis Macfarlane and Modern British Historian Alice Naylor to explore the importance of market and social research in understanding the history of real people.

Alice and Phyllis will take us through how the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR) can be a really relevant source for you. Looking at how research issues were addressed historically can lead to a new way of looking at a current issue - maybe it tells you the reason why a certain idea isn’t likely to work, maybe it will point you in the direction of a new solution or innovation, maybe it will explain something that you’ve always been puzzled by.  We’re more aware than ever that truth is ‘nuanced’. That history is a ‘narrative’. That people can hold opposing views of a situation and consider themselves supported by the facts. Everyone needs to read around a problem and look at different sources to come to their own view of the evidence.

Plus, Alice and Phyllis will demonstrate how the quantitative and qualitative research projects stored in the AMSR collection are contributing to the research and teaching of Modern British History Academics and to the dissertations of Students.  It will definitely make you want to ensure that your research is used in the future!  Also: does history tell us everything? How can the Archive help you improve your skill set and make you more insightful?  And how to explore the Archive to understand for yourself how life used to be.  Join us on 3rd August for this interesting and entertaining webinar....



Phyllis Macfarlane is a lifelong Market Researcher - lucky enough to have started in the industry when pretty much everything was new and yet to be invented - and has always been fascinated by the evolution and development of the sector. She started off as Assistant Statistician at MIL Ltd and, mainly via B2B and International research, ended up as MD of GfK NOP. After that she got involved in a GfK Verein project to develop market research training in Africa, which led to a current interest (with the ESOMAR Foundation) to promote the use of research to NGO’s. Now, involvement with AMSR is allowing an early interest in history (and the industry) to come to the fore again, as the value of the Archive content is realised. In fact she thinks she might do a PhD - there is so much excellent material in the archive!

Alice Naylor has a BA(Hons) in product design and completed an MA in the History of Design in 2020. She has a particular interest in the transition of objects from the everyday to the elevated. She is an AHRC–funded Collaborative Doctoral Researcher at the University of Portsmouth and the Science Museum Group and is in the first year of her PhD titled: Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal: The Design, Mediation and Consumption of Kenwood Appliances, 1947–2020.


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