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Stand-up Research: How stand-up comedy has helped my career in Qualitative Research.

&more and AQR Sparks are here, along with AQR Parker Prize winner and MRS Careers Ambassador Amanda Hammond, to help you discover a new (and most unusual) approach to help your career: Stand-up research

What do stand-up comedians and qualitative researchers have in common? Don’t worry, this isn’t a cheesy joke – they have quite a lot in common actually! For example, communication skills so you can land a joke or an insight; adaptability so you can save a set or a focus group; active listening so you can properly respond to a heckler or a participant – and much more!

Join us on 18th April for this joint webinar from &more and the AQR Sparks – putting our brains together to bring you the newest and most innovative takes on a career in research!  This session will shed light on how practises from stand-up comedy can help you become a better researcher – and it’s not just for Quallies. These skills can be applied across various research disciplines.

Warning: This session may include jokes related to Market Research – there are no guarantees that they’ll be funny.

We would be delighted to welcome &more members to this lively webinar. To book, please click the orange ‘Book Now’ button at the top left.

Speaker: Amanda Hammond, Qualitative Senior Research Executive at Sky (and Amateur Stand-Up Comedian).

*Please note, this event is for members of &more and AQR Sparks only. Each booking reserves one place for you only – it is not possible to do multiple bookings online. If you have colleagues who meet the &more criteria (under 30 or within the first 5 years of their research career) who are not yet &more members, they can join the network first here  and then book onto the event. If you have any queries, please email

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