We’re excited to announce the first &more annual conference. This is a conference designed especially for young professionals working in research and analytics.

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Join us for a day of compelling presentations on topics such as storytelling, the World Cup and Love Island! Plus we have insightful coaching sessions on how to build your personal brand and maximise your inner confidence. This is the only conference where you will walk away with a sharper mind and more belief in yourself. The networking is always super friendly too with &more – you’ll get to know others in the sector and who knows, you might make new friends for life!

Tell your manager that this conference is critical for your learning, and inexpensive too. This conference is heavily subsidised with tickets ranging from £165 to £195 – the standard price is £380 to £610 for a one-day MRS conference. Our thanks to Unilever who sponsor &more and have provided their Blackfriars office for this event.

  • Elevate your thinking by hearing about the latest in big data and how to research sensitive topics
  • Learn about new methodologies: How did brands track physiological responses to their ads during the World Cup?
  • Learn about storytelling and how to engage people with research without them even knowing it
  • Listen to our coaches who will help boost your confidence and grow your personal brand
  • Hear about exciting case studies: How did Love Island link real world behaviour with reality TV?

Brand new for 2019, the &more Conference will be chaired by Respondi’s Managing Director Jennifer Roberton, with Keynotes from Love Island’s very own ground-breaking study into the world of effectiveness from ITV, and from award winning campaigner and social entrepreneur Kenny Imafidon from ClearView Research.

Hear the latest research from ITV, GfK, Northstar, Honeycomb, BritainThinks, Watermelon, FlexMR, Walnut, Ipsos and ClearView Research. We have been inundated with excellent calibre submissions – so join us to hear some of the very best studies designed for a young researcher audience.

&more is the MRS network for young professionals working in insight and analytics. Free to join, you benefit from a range of events, networking and benefits – including a summer party with the drinks thrown in and events held in top brands including Google, Twitter and Unilever.  To join the &more network, please click here.


Unilever House
100 Victoria Embankment ,London,EC4Y 0DY

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9.00 – 9.30

Arrival and refreshments


9.30 – 9.40
Opening comments from the Chair

Jennifer Roberton is the MD of respondi, UK. For over 16 years she has been at the forefront of online research in the UK, Europe and beyond.
Jennifer has been instrumental in shifting analytical models from those based on self-reporting of consumer behaviour to the fusion of data from a broad variety of sources, including the integration of consumers’ passive online behaviour. She specializes in complex comparative and multi-country research projects.
Under her leadership, respondi won the MRS “Best Data Collection (Online)” for a pioneering study of attitudes among refugees in twelve countries across three continents, illustrating that her approach to research not only benefits commercial clients but can be used to tackle and better understand complex issues of importance to society as a whole.  
And most recently, best paper at ESOMAR Fusion in 2018.
Aside to this, Jennifer is also the youngest board member of The Market Research Benevolent Charity, the only charity of its kind helping UK Researchers in financial crisis, educational grants and mental health/Wellbeing. 

Jenni Roberton, Managing Director, Respondi


9.40 – 10.20, Opening keynote
Love Island: Linking real world behaviours with reality TV

With Love Island only getting even bigger in 2019, so have research ambitions at ITV.  Employing innovative techniques and integrating more methodologies than ever before, ITV will deliver a ground-breaking study into the world of effectiveness across their multitude of Love Island brand partners. To provide a sneak peak, this includes, but is not limited to, social listening, sales uplift attribution, measuring online behavioural change through to building on their award-winning Primal Screen research bespoke to Love Island.  

Elisha Temminck, Commercial Audience Manager, ITV
Glenn Gowen, Head of Commercial Audiences, ITV
Amanda Hammond, Research Executive, ITV


10.20 – 10.50, Methodology
Your sweat doesn’t lie: how humour scored in World Cup advertising

Our conscious response to advertising is only half the story; but how do you track instinctive response? GfK wanted to understand how conscious and subconscious responses can help advertisers understand what makes ads successful – and, ultimately, where they should invest their money.
Using wearable biometric devices, GfK monitor the physiological responses of participants as they watched a live football game, complete with advertising.
From these insights, GfK developed guidelines on what engages emotionally focused viewers - and how marketers can apply subconscious reactions to develop creatives that resonate not just on a conscious level – but also on a deep implicit level.

Eszter Boczan, Qualitative Research Director, GfK


10.50 – 11.20, Storytelling
Getting heard and staying heard. Don’t just tell the story. Build the franchise. 

Storytelling has emerged as the great panacea that turns data or other bits of information into insight. It’s as if being able to craft a narrative is enough and that suddenly our peers or senior colleagues will suddenly take us seriously.  It’s not that simple. Storytelling gets you only so far and, in many ways, won’t break the mould. You must build on the story. Build momentum for multiple avenues of creative expression that can be deployed with the right people in the right circumstances.
As current holders of the MRS Award for Insight Management, Northstar knows more than most that have more communication channels available to us than ever before. Matthew will explain what modern insight communication tips and tricks to employ so you get heard and stay heard. These include:

  • How to make research not feel like research and engage people with research without them even knowing it
  • How to use behavioural nudges – akin to how marketers apply them to consumers – to get research heard inside large businesses
  • What needs to be learned from the creative disciplines and organisational psychology to improve insight communication 

Matthew Sell, Chief Operating Officer, Northstar
Tim Werger, Senior Research Executive, Northstar


11.20 – 11.40
Refreshment break


11.40 – 12.10, Elevate
Data science using big data: breaking through the buzzwords

“Big data” and “data science” are huge buzzwords in the market research industry. Taking advantage of big data can really benefit market researchers, but just how accessible is the analysis of vast datasets? Bethan Blakeley will share real, usable advice and tips on how even the simplest forms of analysis using existing data can transform your market research projects. She will also showcase real-life case studies demonstrating how data science can be the perfect step in taking your market research to the next level.

 Bethan Blakeley, Director, Honeycomb


12.10 – 12.40, Elevate
Listen differently: conducting research on sensitive topics or with vulnerable audiences

Conducting qualitative research on a tricky topic or with a vulnerable audience can feel exciting and motivating, but also daunting. This session will give you a masterclass in designing and conducting these types of qualitative research, right from thinking about your sampling approach and research design, to moderation and analysis. It will not just deliver specific tips and tricks, but also change the way you approach this kind of project, leaving you with a new outlook and confidence when it comes to working on sensitive research projects. 

 Julia Ridpath, Associate Director, BritainThinks


12.40 – 13.10, Grow
A confident you is a confident client

A successful career in insight is increasingly about being a successful influencer. Having the fundamental skills in research and good communications is essential, but if you want people to pay attention and really listen to what you have to say you need something more.  This session will talk about empathy and gravitas – helping you see and hear the unspoken client needs and responding in a way that gives you authority and inspires confidence in your audience.

Sinead Jefferies, Consultant, Watermelon


13.10 – 14.10

14.10 – 14.40, Grow
Building a personal brand: advice from a young insights industry marketer

Market researchers love to talk about insight; the aha moment of clarity found in a stream of data. But if everyone is selling insight – then what makes a technology, an agency or even an individual researcher stand out? We’ll explore how young researchers can take advantage of the insights boon to find their points of parity and difference that form the basis of a strong personal brand. And, we’ll walk through how to blend industry tropes, classical marketing theory and lifelong skills to launch a highly successful career.

Chris Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, FlexMR


14.40 – 15.10, Case study
Participatory Research – giving power back to participants

“Nothing about us without us” – long have trailblazers shouted this mantra from the rooftops, but many commercial research agencies are yet to embrace the progressive and inclusive methodology that is participatory research. Bessie Pike from Walnut Unlimited and Claire Bates from ICM Unlimited present the double MRS Award winning case study demonstrating the power of participatory research in influencing policy changes for the MS Society. Young researchers will learn the tools of the trade for implementing participatory approaches in their own research, and the advantages and pitfalls to watch out for, with top tips from experience in the field.

Bessie Pike, Research Executive, Walnut Unlimited
Claire Bates, Associate Director, ICM Unlimited


15.10 – 15.40, Case study
Tackling air pollution with RB

Despite some in the scientific community suggesting air pollution is on course to become the world’s 3rd largest killer, people living in metropolitan areas outside of China very rarely take steps to protect themselves. RB wants to change this. Hear how a combined Ethnographic, Qualitative and Quantitative approach constructed a deep understanding of the role pollution plays in consumer’s lives, and identified how best to navigate key barriers and drive behaviour change using an academic framework designed for public health. 

Peter Sainthouse, Research Executive, Ipsos


15.40 – 16.00
Refreshment break


16.00 – 16.40, Closing Keynote
Gambling: A Young Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Perspective

Amongst young people gambling is one of the addictive behaviours that has not seen a decrease in participation. At a time where it is argued that gambling is becoming normalised, how do we look at gambling from the perspective of those you are least likely to gamble but most likely to become problem gamblers? ClearView Research's talk will be an exploration of the insight they found whilst engaging with young Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BAME) people for a GambleAware commissioned project to explore the experiences and attitudes of children and young people towards gambling across Britain. 

Kenny Imafidon, Managing Director and Co-Founder, ClearView Research
Burphy Zumu, Director, ClearView Research


16.40 – 16.50
Comments from the &more Leadership Team

Maddison Andrews, Insight Executive, Smart Energy GB
Mark McGeoghegan, Senior Research Executive, Ipsos
Carolina Starkhammar, Insight Manager, Kadence
Polina Vorms, Client Insight Manager, GfK


 16.50 – 17.00
Closing comments from the Chair 

Jenni Roberton, Managing Director, Respondi


17.00 Conference close


&more is the MRS network for young professionals working in insight and analytics. Free to join, you benefit from a range of events, networking and benefits – including a summer party with the drinks thrown in and events held in top brands including Google, Twitter and Unilever.  To join &more, please click here.

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