Have you ever wondered what mindfulness is? Or perhaps you have already tried it but not quite understood the why, how or the benefits. 

This short webinar will attempt to answer some of these questions whilst giving time for a short practice. 

The principles of mindfulness are about paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.

Have you ever wondered why you walk into a room or arrive at a destination and just cannot recall why you’re there?  The answer may surprise you.  If you want to make the most of your work and home life, then this is for you. 

 ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking out new landscapes but in having new eyes. ‘
Marcel Proust.

Join Val Stevenson, Illuminate's Coach, Mentor and Designer, for this exclusive MRS Company Partner wellbeing webinar. This is the first webinar in a series soon to be released, to support our new Wellbeing Space - an all NEW benefit for our valued partner employees.

Val is a coach with a specialism for wellbeing – supporting individuals through transitions in their careers and personal lives. 

Coach, Mentor and Designer

I developed an interest in wellbeing and resilience some years ago when I set up a wellbeing programme for a forward-thinking organisation. This ‘interest’ turned into a new career and way of thinking for me which has developed over the years.

I am a coach with a specialism for wellbeing – supporting individuals through transitions in their careers and personal lives. I utilise my design knowledge and facilitation experience to deliver workshops and webinars specialising in understanding and building resilience.

I’ve had the advantage of working with some enlightening professionals and specialists who have shared their knowledge – I now try to do the same. I am practical, curious and like to find solutions, all of which shape my approach to coaching.

I like to use profiling and psychometrics to raise levels of awareness and open doors to what might be. I am a mental health first aider, and mindfulness teacher and practitioner.

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