The Supreme Court’s decision on the employment rights of Uber drivers is expected to have far-reaching consequences for the gig-economy and sets down fundamental guidelines for organisations when determining who is a ‘worker’.

Join this MRS Operations Network webinar with Bates Wells law firm to hear from Paul Jennings, Partner, and Rachel Mathieson, Senior Associate, the legal team who successfully fought the case in the Supreme Court

This webinar will cover the following:

  • A summary of the law concerning employment status
  • An explanation of the key issues in the case
  • The basis for the Supreme Court’s ruling
  • The implications for employers and status
  • Clarification of what rights workers are entitled to
  • What this ruling means for National Minimum Wage and working time

As with all Operations Network webinars and events this is an exclusive free of charge benefit of being an MRS Company Partner. If you would like to join the MRS Operations Network and work for an MRS Company Partner you can join and manage this via your online account mailing preferences. 

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