Have you struggled to work with colleague? Is there someone who just doesn’t understand you? Is there someone you avoid at work?

The more we increase our awareness of ourself and the impact we have on others, the more we understand how to adapt our behaviours to improve relationships.

Join Fiona Anderson from My Change Expert and valuingYOU to explore just a few of the hundreds of profiles that are available to help you. We will focus on the Everything DiSC profile in detail. It explores different behavioural styles so that you can identify yourself and how you relate to others. We will also look at some other profiles to explore differences and how you choose what to select.

If you would like to know more about your own style and complete the Everything DiSC profile, Fiona is offering a 20% discounted price for participants who join the session. Like to know more, then please contact Fiona direct  fiona.anderson@valuingyou.co.uk quoting MRS 17th May in your email title

To deliver change, most businesses focus on process improvement and invest in technology. Fiona focuses on your most important assets - you and your people, to develop bespoke solutions that are key to your business success.
Initially trained by PWC, Fiona has lead and successfully delivered substantial change programmes. Repeatedly however, it is people and their behaviours that inhibit full achievement of the targeted business performance.
In 2004, Fiona established valuingYOU and in 2019 introduced My Change Expert. Her expertise is proven across a variety of sectors from micro SMEs to Global Corporations, Voluntary and NGO including: IT; Legal Firms, Recycling; Precision Engineering, PR, Sub Post Masters; Logistics, Universities.

Want to know more? Then you can view Fiona’s profile here: https://trustedcoachdirectory.com/coach/executive-coach--midlands-staffordshire-gloucestershire--fiona-anderson/

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